April 15

The XDynamics Evolve is an intriguing alternative to the DJI lineup of drones. Starting around $2500 it slots in between the $1500 Phantom 4 Pro and the $3000 base model Inspire 2. In fact, that is precisely the niche that the XDynamics Evolve is looking to fill. This carbon fiber drone looks awesome, but can it hold its own against two of the best drones that DJI has produced? Let’s take a closer look. expand full story

April 8

This morning, DJI announced the continuation of their partnership with the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) to advance the use of drones. The LAFD will get access to DJI’s latest drone technology, training, and support. This is very exciting news as we see an increase in the use of unmanned aircraft by both police and fire departments around the country to help save people’s lives and bring them back home safely. Just see today’s stories here on DroneDJ.

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March 28

We first covered DJI Terra back in November of 2017, but couldn’t quite make sense of what it would be. Late last year during the Airworks 2018 event, DJI said that DJI Terra would become available during Q1 of 2019. And here we are, right at the end of the first quarter with the official announcement of DJI Terra. The company calls is software that “transforms drone data into digital 3D models and maps for easy analysis and decision making.” It seems that DJI will be very useful for a number of industries, specifically “crash reconstructions to critical infrastructure inspections as well as agriculture field mapping and construction site modeling.” DJI Terra promises to be very interesting and will surely ruffle some feathers of competing drone services companies.

DJI Terra is available today for purchase through authorized DJI Enterprise resellers worldwide and is compatible with Windows PCs and all current DJI Phantom 4 Series drones

Photo shows DJI Terra’s office in The Netherlands

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March 18

As DJI and drone mapping further disrupt the civil engineering, surveying and GIS fields, there seems to be a common debate amongst most drone mappers about the practical application of the Phantom 4 RTK replacing ground control points (GCP’s) and checkpoints.  With the evolution of the Phantom 4 RTK is there still a need for ground control points or checkpoints? Many argue there is no need for GCP’s and others argue that drone mappers always need a control. These questions have come up numerous times and even caused outright yelling matches at some recent conferences.

The question is, will the Phantom 4 Pro RTK replace GCP’s and checkpoints and the necessity for traditional survey equipment?

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Over the weekend, these images appeared online. They seem to be ‘leaked‘ photo and drawing of a new DJI product. It looks a bit like a Frankenstein device if I’m honest, with bits and pieces that you will recognize from other DJI products. However, looking past its appearance, this modular product might be a new handheld, gimbal-stabilized DJI camera that can also be controlled remotely. Let’s have a closer look at this new DJI product that seems to be geared towards professionals. NAB 2019 anybody?

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March 14

9 DJI drones comply with new Transport Canada requirements

Earlier this year, new rules were announced for ‘larger’ drones (250 grams to 55 Lbs) in Canada. The announcement was made by federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau. The new rules will come into effect on June 1 and will apply to all drone operators, regardless if they fly for fun or for work. DJI now announces that nine of their drones are fully compliant with the new Transport Canada requirements for advanced operations. See DJI’s official statement below.

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