Anafi Stories September 20

There’s no doubt that the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro are the two hottest camera drones of the year. Soon after the release of the new Mavic 2 models, DJI announced that the original Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro would be discontinued. The fact that DJI discontinued both of their flagship models show just how popular they expect the new Mavic 2 to be. expand full story

Anafi Stories August 14

The August edition of Yachting World features an article called “Eye in the Sky” that promises to bring you five of the best drones in 2018. The drones included are the: DJI Mavic Pro, Parrot Bebop 2 Power FPV, DJI Spark, Parrot Mambo, and the GoPro Karma. Interestingly enough the DJI Mavic Air is missing from their selection even though that is still the most recent addition to DJI’s product line-up. Parrot’s latest drone the Anafi was also left out. They did include the Karma, however, even though GoPro itself has discontinued their troublesome drone earlier this year. Let’s take a quick look at the article.

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Anafi Stories June 8

Last Wednesday, French drone maker Parrot, introduced their latest drone the Anafi. It is a very lightweight, portable, foldable drone that shoots 4K HDR videos and 21MP photos with its Sony CMOS sensor. It is also priced very aggressively at $699.99, competing head-on with the likes of the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro from Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI. So how do these drones compare? We’ve put the most important specifications next to each other to provide you with an overview.

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Anafi Stories June 6

Today the French drone maker Parrot launched the all-new Anafi drone in New York. Parrot took inspiration from insects such as wasps and beetles to design this light-weight, foldable drone. The drone is very light-weight (320 grams) and folds up to a very small package, however, this does not mean it doesn’t pack a punch. The Anafi features a 21MP Sony sensor, shoots 4K video, HDR photos and a host of intelligent flight features. The drone is also very quiet, making it much less obtrusive to bystanders than most of the drones consumers are used to.

The new Parrot drone can be pre-ordered today for $699.99 and will be available at retailers as of July 1st. Shipping will start as of July 2nd.

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