The Netherlands Stories September 7, 2018

One of our good Dutch friends and big time drone enthusiast, Wiebe de Jager from DroneWatch just launched a unique drone project. Wiebe visited all the fortresses that make up the old Dutch Water Line to create 360-degree aerial VR photos with his DJI Mavic Air. The Dutch Water Line is a series of water-based defenses conceived by Maurice of Nassau in the early 17th century. This defense mechanism, that combined with natural bodies of water could transform Holland almost into an island. All the photos can be seen on this website.

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The Netherlands Stories May 7, 2018

Dutch landscape photographer Albert Dros uses his drone to capture the tulip fields from the sky. Depending on the weather, the tulips and other flowers will show themselves from late April into early May. Especially in the Western part of the country, around Lisse, the fields of flowers can seem endless and people traveling from all over the world to see their beauty.

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The Netherlands Stories April 27, 2018

Dutch drone startup, Avular, raised $1,8 million to grow their commercial drone business. The Eindhoven-based company develops industrial unmanned aerial devices as well as other robotics and positioning systems. Since their start in 2014, the company had been mostly focussed on the agricultural and inspection sectors, but now they are looking to expand their business with the new funding. At the heart of their company is the modular drone platform, the Aerial Curiosity, that allows their customers to quickly develop a drone for custom applications without having to build the unmanned aerial device from scratch.

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