Watch FreeFly’s reaction to the Skydio R1: This thing is absolutely amazing. Just incredible. Tesla should buy this company [video]

Watch FreeFly's reaction to the Skydio R1

It seems that everyone who gets their hands on the fully autonomous Skydio R1 drone has a similar reaction. This time the amazement comes from Tabb Firchau, president, and co-founder of FreeFly Systems, the company behind the large drones, such as the Alta 8, that are used for commercials and movie productions. Tabb flew the R1 around FreeFly’s warehouse and was simply blown away. Watch the video below.

This thing is absolutely amazing!

Tabb Firchau, president, and co-founder of FreeFly Systems flew Skydio’s fully autonomous R1 drone through their warehouse earlier this week and he and his co-workers were blown away. Expressing his amazement, Tabb said:

“This thing is absolutely amazing. Just incredible. Absolutely incredible!

As Tabb was walking through FreeFly’s warehouse the R1 followed him. As you will see in the video the warehouse is quite the obstacle course. There are storage racks, work benches, strings of lamps, drones and other things to avoid. The R1 drone does not seem to have a big problem with any of them even though there seem to be some close calls.

Tabb walks over to the office space to get his co-workers. He tells them:

“This thing is absolutely amazing. Just incredible. Absolutely incredible! It just followed me through the warehouse and went over and under the lines.”

His colleagues seem to be just as impressed, saying things like, “Are you shitting me?”, “The footage it creates is stunning!, “Oh, f…ing hell man! This is like really good.”

And finally, our favorite: “Tesla should buy this company.”

Small twigs and branches, a worst-case scenario

At some point in the video, somebody said:

“We should definitely take it to the woods where there’s little twigs and branches everywhere and see what happens. That is like a worst case…”

Ehhh… We can confirm that small twigs and branches are indeed a worst-case scenario. Better not do that.

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