DJI Mavic Mini Stories October 10

The new DJI Mavic Mini was recently confirmed in these FCC filings. We now have information that this sub-250-grams mini drone will very likely be introduced on October 30. It is unclear at this point whether the launch of the new DJI drone will be accompanied with a special launch event.

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DJI Mavic Mini Stories October 8

Earlier this morning, FCC filings were released for two new DJI products. We will get right to the point here. The DJI Mavic Mini is confirmed in this latest FCC filing. There is also a second product that will most likely be the remote controller for the new mini foldable drone from the Chinese drone maker.

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DJI Mavic Mini Stories August 19

Never mind that most drones from DJI are unavailable at their own online store, this image shows how the DJI Mavic Mini fits into the DJI product lineup.

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DJI Mavic Mini Stories August 16

The world’s largest drone maker, DJI, has almost no drones available at their official online store in the US. We just checked their website and put together a little overview to show that almost all DJI drones are out of stock at the official DJI online store.

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The night before DJI releases a new product, we learn that the DJI Mavic Mini specs might have leaked. The new DJI mini-drone may only weigh 245 grams (!) and may officially be part of the Spark Series. Will the Chinese drone maker call it the Spark 2 after all? Let’s take a look at the DJI Mavic Mini leaked specs.

Update 8/16/’19: We received confirmation from another source (unrelated to OsitaLV or Aero X) that the Mavic Mini specs mentioned below are correct. Our source told us when asked about the Mavic Mini that “All of those specs are accurate.” However, he also said that we are still at least two months away from an official announcement and that DJI has yet to decide whether this new drone will become an ‘Air’ or ‘Spark’replacement. Regardless of the Mavic Mini’s small footprint, the drone will almost certainly have No-Fly Zones incorporated through the app. Lastly, the Mavic Mini is not expected to have Lightbridge but rather a new and enhanced Wi-Fi connection. Currently, DJI is working on a multi-charger for the mini-drone. That’s all the info we have for now and no, this does not come from OsitaLV. expand full story

DJI Mavic Mini Stories August 13

The new DJI Mavic Mini will dominate the consumer drone market by weighing less than 250 grams.

Yes, less is more. And here’s why.

We’ve already seen the leaked spec sheet of the new DJI Mavic Mini indicating that the drone will weigh only 245 grams. But there are other indications that this drone will indeed weigh less than the 250-gram weight limit registration requirement set by the FAA. And this one comes straight from DJI themselves. Furthermore, I will explain why 250 is the magic number, and why it will lead to DJI dominating the consumer drone market (not that they don’t already) when they launch the DJI Mavic Mini later this year.

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