DroneDJ Review Stories August 2

With its smaller design, the Spark features a smaller battery which as a result decreases the flight time. Extra batteries are pretty cheap at $49 a piece, but once you start carrying around your drone, batteries, and extra accessories, things can get hard to pack in your bag. This is why the DJI Spark Portable Charging Station has become my favorite accessory that I own.

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DroneDJ Review Stories June 6

Last summer, my wife, kids and I were in a very fortunate situation to finally do the American Road Trip we had been dreaming about. The four of us visited 22 National Parks in about 6 weeks time. Expect for only a few nights we camped out every night. Apart from the beauty of the National Parks, one thing that struck me was how disconnected you are from day to day life once you are in a park like for instance Yellow Stone NP. The little campsite we stayed at had no power, no running water, and only a port-o-potty. No problem at all. We did not mind being disconnected. Live without internet, email, social media was very easy to get accustomed to. A blessing really. However, not being able to charge a flashlight, camera, drone, phone, or even a laptop, that got old really fast. Had we had something like the portable Jackery Explorer 240 battery charger and the Jackery 50W Explorer solar panel, that would have gone a long way in making our camping experience more convenient.

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DroneDJ Review Stories December 15, 2017

The first time I got the DJI Spark in my hands was back in June. Since then I have flown the Spark mini-drone on numerous occasions, at many different locations, and in varying conditions. To say that I like the Mavic Pro’s smaller brother is an understatement.

I simply love the Spark. Yes, I wish it had 4K video, a real 3-axis gimbal, and a longer flight time. But the way the Spark flies when you put it in sports mode (fast and agile) and the fun that you can have with it, make up for its shortcomings. As they say, the best drone you have is the one that is with you. The Spark has joined me on many trips, where I simply would not have bothered to take the bigger and heavier Mavic Pro. As you probably can tell, the DJI Spark is one of my favorite drones!

With that out of the way, I owe you a full review of the DJI Spark mini-drone, so here we go.

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