DroneDJ Review Stories July 18

The UVify Draco is a slightly different take on FPV race quads. UVify is a company with deep roots in racing, and they know the frustrations that come with flying (and crashing) FPV drones. Breaking into the FPV hobby isn’t always easy. A lot of people get into the hobby with high hopes but are often let down by either faulty components or the tedious nature of repairs. On top of that, the build and setup process can be confusing and tiresome. UVify has looked to address all of these issues with their top-of-the-line Draco FPV race drone. Think of the Draco as the big brother of the OOri. expand full story

DroneDJ Review Stories July 17

The FT Aviator is a joystick that was designed by NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski. He believed that there was a better and easier way to fly than the traditional two-joystick controller. This unique remote will connect to most DJI drones and gives the pilot a whole new experience in flying. I was incredibly skeptical, but after I got my hands on one, I understood exactly why Parazynski developed it. Keep reading to learn more about this one-of-a-kind $349 remote control. expand full story

DJI Spark

DroneDJ Review Stories July 8

The Eachine Wizard has been around for a while, but this is an upgraded version. The Wizard x220S is an awesome quad. I finally got my hands on one and I was pleasantly surprised by its polish and how well it flies. You can pick one up as a stand-alone drone or opt for the all-in-one package if you don’t have a controller already. If you are looking for a 5-inch FPV drone and don’t want to build your own, this might just be the quad for you. If you are looking to get into FPV, then check this out. expand full story

DroneDJ Review Stories June 26

The Mobula 7 HD ($157.99) is one of the more popular pint-sized drones in the fastly growing category of cinewhoops. A cinewhoop is a small drone that has an HD camera that will allow you to capture footage that would be impossible to get on a larger, traditional photography drone. This Mobula 7 HD weighs only 42 grams and will fit in the palm of your hand. expand full story

DroneDJ Review Stories June 13

The UVify OOri is a unique quadcopter. It was built by a company that has its roots in FPV drone racing but was uniquely designed with a beginner pilot in mind. The OOri can be flown like a traditional FPV freestyle or race quad that tops out at 50 mph. However, it also has a beginner mode that utilizes vision positioning software to help make it incredibly stable. expand full story

DroneDJ Review Stories June 11

It is no secret that I love my original Emax Tinyhawk, but the new Tinyhawk S takes it up a notch. The original is a great drone for flying both indoors and out. Emax did all the little things right when they made it. My only wish was that it could handle a 2S battery. Now it can and it is an absolute dream. This is the best beginner drone out there, but I wouldn’t stop there. If you fly FPV then you need this drone. Yes, it’s that good and it won’t break the bank starting at $99. expand full story

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