Texas man charged for using DJI Inspire drone in prison contraband drop

texas dji inspire drone prison contraband

A Texas man has been charged for allegedly flying a DJI Inspire drone loaded with drugs and other contraband into a Fort Worth prison.

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Ocean Alliance flying DJI M210 drones for aerial tagging of whales

Marine biology researchers have for several years used drones for periodical collection of data to evaluate the health of whales, but now they’ve developed a way to pilot a DJI M210 to gently and discreetly attach electronic tags to monitor the creatures for extended periods.

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Ukraine reportedly adapts small drones to drop Molotov cocktails in war with Russians

Less than two weeks after Ukraine officials called on drone-owning citizens to volunteer their craft for use defending the country from invading Russian forces, some of those non-military craft have now been reportedly weaponized to drop Molotov cocktails on targets below.

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DJI Flight Simulator – Learn to fly anywhere, anytime

First announce during AirWorks 2018, DJI has released a new flight simulator to help train the growing number of both consumer and commercial pilots. The new DJI Flight Simulator allows pilots to test a variety of different drones in various weather conditions for a number of different applications. The goal of the new DJI Flight Simulator is to safely train pilots using the equipment they will operate prior to flying their drone.

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Leaked photos show 360-degree obstacle avoidance for the DJI Inspire 2

We came across photos this morning that seem to show an upgrade to the DJI Inspire 2 drone. Wedged between the batteries and mounted to the bottom of the Inspire 2 is a device that seems to provide 360-degree or omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. It is hard to say if we are looking at a prototype, a test device or whether this is an almost final design. Judging by the photos this may well be the final design and 360-degree obstacle avoidance may be added to the DJI Inspire 2 soon.

Update: somebody with knowledge of the matter has informed us that these photos are from the original design process for what became the Inspire 2. These photos do not show a prototype or anything that is going to go into production. 

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Insta360 Pro mounted to an Inspire 2 – It can be done

Today we came across an interesting post on Facebook. Daniel de Ruiter from the Netherlands had posted a photo of his Inspire 2 flying with an Insta360 Pro mounted underneath it. This is a pretty pricey setup to fly. The drone retails for at least $2999, and the 360-degree camera that provides 8K video goes for $3499. To mount the Insta360 Pro camera to the drone, De Ruiter had bought a 3D printed mount from a company in Spain. According to the post on Facebook, the drone and camera were used for an Adidas commercial.  He said:

“Did something new this weekend with the Insta360Pro and Inspire 2. Shooting in 360 in 8K. Inspire 2 handled great 👊”

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