DJI Inspire Stories October 11

Are you excited for tonight’s DJI event? We’ll have live coverage here so come back at 5PM PT/8PM ET.

But…Spoiler alert: we have what we think are some images and specs of what is to be revealed. We saw a sneak peak earlier this week but this is the real deal. Only click below if you don’t mind knowing a lot about the sick new DJI Zenmuse X7 cinematic 6K camera… expand full story

DJI Inspire Stories September 6

The BBC reported that a DJI Inspire drone, used as a fire service drone on behalf of Jersey’s Department for the Environment, got attacked by Asian hornets as it was out to survey the nest. The sound of the propellers must have alarmed the hornets as they ‘swarmed out’ and sprayed the Inspire with venom. The nest found in the Channel Islands is thought to contain 6000 hornets.

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