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Ishveena Singh is a versatile journalist and writer with a passion for drones and location technologies. She has been named as one of the 50 Rising Stars of the geospatial industry for the year 2021 by Geospatial World magazine.

Underwater drone promises better carbon dioxide tracking in Alaska’s oceans

underwater drone carbon dioxide alaska

Ocean acidification is a serious threat to marine ecosystems. When carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed by seawater, chemical reactions occur that reduce seawater pH. This affects the ability of marine organisms such as corals and crabs to build and maintain their shells. The Gulf of Alaska’s cold waters naturally hold more carbon dioxide. And in an era of climate change, it’s always at risk of reaching a tipping point. This is why researchers are now hoping that a 7-foot-long, bright pink underwater drone will help them get a deeper understanding of the ocean’s chemistry.

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Skydio’s secret sauce for making drones smarter, faster is now public

There’s no question that the brains inside Skydio drones are rather impressive. These things are masters of AI and autonomy, capable of carrying out tasks that can prove challenging for other drones. The team, naturally, knows everything there’s to know about building autonomous robots at scale. And now, it’s ready to share its learnings with the wider robotics community by making public SymForce – the library that powers the motion planner and computer vision systems used by Skydio drones.

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NASA mulls data ecosystem to help drones, air taxis make critical safety decisions

We’re working toward a future where passenger air taxis and drone deliveries are to become a part of everyday mobility. But how will these autonomous systems access important information, such as deteriorating weather conditions, to complete each flight safely? To address this issue, NASA researchers are exploring the creation of a decentralized data and reasoning hub that would help autonomous aircraft to make critical safety decisions rapidly.

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Snap Pixy drone sports EASA ‘open’ category CE C0 class identification label

Snap’s new pocket-sized Pixy selfie drone, which is available for purchase only in the US and France, comes with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) “Open” category CE C0 class identification label stamped on its battery compartment.

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Parrot partners with UAVIA for remote management of ANAFI Ai drone

Parrot says its new ANAFI Ai 4G drone will be accessible from the cloud for mission planning, real-time video streaming, and fully remote management of the fleet. This capability is being enabled through the joint efforts of the drone maker and French software company UAVIA.

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Skydio drones now live-stream to public safety agencies using Axon Respond

Skydio and Axon’s strategic partnership is coming along rather nicely. Public safety agencies flying Skydio drones and using Axon Respond real-time operations platform can now access live video feeds from their Skydio 2 and Skydio X2 aircraft for better situational awareness.

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