Parrot Stories July 9

French drone maker Parrot has partnered with Hoverseen, which creates automated drone-in-a-box systems. The partnership will give Parrot’s ANAFI Thermal and ANAFI USA the ability to deploy via Hoverseen boxes.

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Parrot Stories July 7

Drone maker Parrot has partnered with Florida-based Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) to provide first responders with drone support when needed. Parrot will be providing its latest ANAFI USA commercial drone to the AIRT.

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Parrot Stories June 30

Parrot has just released a brand new drone.

The company hopes the ambitious new drone will find a niche with first responders and enterprise users. It’s called the ANAFI USA – a name that touts its Made-in-America status at a time when there’s been some push-back against Chinese-made drones over alleged security concerns. The product will retail for $7,000 US and features an array of sensors including thermal and 32X optical imagery, as well as enhanced data security features.

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Parrot Stories May 22

As America gradually starts to reopen its economy after COVID-19 lockdowns, the need to continually disinfect public spaces is growing. Researchers at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) have a suggestion: build disinfecting drones with germ-killing UV-C lights. expand full story

Parrot Stories May 4

There’s grim work to do in Syria after a decade of devastating war. French drone maker Parrot has been assisting with some somber but critical work—investigating mass graves left by ISIS and other militias in Syria. The company furnished its drones, plus software and support, for surveying an area in the north of the country.

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Parrot Stories April 20

French drone maker, Parrot will be supporting the MakeAir open-source ventilator project by donating 5,000 motors to help build the devices. Parrot will give 500 motors at the launch of the project and continue to manufacture the rest.

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