Skydio Stories August 20

US drone maker Skydio hit back at DJI‘s Vice President of Policy & Legal Affairs, Brendan Schulman after he shared DJI’s latest video with Redbull, eventually calling it a ‘marketing gimmick’ that was generated by a computer.

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Skydio Stories July 23

Skydio has just announced three new bundles for its Skydio 2 drone, saving you up to $500 at checkout while keeping you in the air for longer. The new bundles come in three versions — sports, cinema, and pro — giving you a range of accessories such as batteries, an SD card, and a hard case, to name a few.

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Skydio Stories July 20

Now that Skydio has really shown off what its drones are capable of with the new Skydio X2, we’re excited to see what the upcoming Skydio 3 will have in store for us. The Skydio X2 has a huge 12-minute battery life improvement, improved functionality, and brand-new modes. What might this mean for the Skydio 3?

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Skydio Stories July 13

Out of nowhere, Skydio has just announced its jumping into the enterprise market with its new Skydio X2 industrial drone — the first of a planned series of products for this sector. The Skydio X2 line adds a FLIR thermal camera, a 360-degree camera, a flight time of 35 minutes, a folding design, 3D Scanner and oh dear lawd, a 100X zoom…

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Skydio Stories July 9

Chula Vista Police Department has received a special FAA approval in a first to fly drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) at a low altitude. The special FAA waiver has taken the police department months to get and resulted in the collaboration between Skydio and the San Diego UAS Integration Pilot Program.

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Skydio Stories June 25

Two major pieces of news in the drone world from Skydio today. First, the drone maker is officially announcing that Skydio 2 production has restarted since pausing for a few months during the COVID-19 shutdown. The super-smart Skydio 2 drone is once again available to order and shipping to customers.

The other announcement is the release of a significant software update for Skydio 2 drones. A new software update released today dramatically increases tracking range, flight features, and charging capabilities.

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