Skydio Stories October 29

Today, we have some exciting news for you from Drone Nerds. They are the largest enterprise drone dealer in the US and they just announced a new partnership with Skydio for the new and mind-blowing Skydio 2 drone. So, if you are thinking about getting the new Skydio 2 drone (And really you should. I ordered two myself) but you missed the boat at Skydio’s website. Make sure you check in with Drone Nerds in Florida as they may be able to help you out. And, if you are planning to go to Commercial UAV Expo this week, make sure that you go to the Drone Nerds booth 701 to see this new self-flying drone for yourself.

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Skydio Stories October 23

The brand-new Skydio 2 drone that was announced a few weeks ago is supposed to have an amazing warranty. Unlike other drones companies, Skydio will replace or repair your drone for free if it crashes. But as always, there is some fine print. I read it, so you don’t have to. I also got in touch with Skydio to clarify some of the details. Let’s see just how good this warranty really is. Spoiler alert: Don’t sell your Mavic just yet!

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DJI Mavic Pro

Skydio Stories October 18

The Skydio 2 is undoubtedly the most exciting and the most important consumer drone of the year. Despite its groundbreaking capabilities, there are two features that the Skydio 2 is missing that the DJI Mavic drones ($1439-$1729) have. These two features give DJI an advantage in the eyes of many consumers. In this post, I’ll tell you why the Skydio 2 does not have folding arms and why the Skydio 2 doesn’t have any landing gear.

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Skydio Stories October 17

There is no doubt the Skydio 2 is going to be an exciting drone. It is most certainly an improvement over the original Skydio drone. Its autonomous flight modes are undoubtedly better than any DJI drone to date. But how will the camera stack up against the Mavic 2 series or the Phantom 4 Pro ($2199)? With a 1/2.3-inch sensor it can’t likely compete, right? After all, size matters. Or does it? expand full story

Skydio Stories October 16

Skydio enters the commercial drone market with the Skydio 2 Dock, “a self-contained, weatherproof, charging base station for the Skydio 2 drone that enables truly persistent operations for enterprise applications.” Meaning, you can have this box sit outside at your construction lot, mining operation, or landfill and have the Skydio 2 fly autonomous missions regularly to map the location and update you on the progress of your building, your mining stockpiles, or the speed at which you’re filling up the landfill. Or at least in theory that would be possible. In reality, there are some regulatory hurdles that will need to be overcome first. Skydio’s announcement was made during the DroneDeploy Conference 2019 in San Francisco.

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Skydio Stories October 15

Skydio launched its latest drone, Skydio 2 earlier this week after months of sharing teasers. Skydio 2 is the perfect filming sidekick for any adventure or a commercial operation. GoPro’s Karma was a flawed attempt at creating a drone, what if GoPro and Skydio joined forces?

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