Mini 2 SE vs. Mini SE vs. Mini 2: Most affordable DJI drones compared [Updated]

dji mini 2 se drone compare better mini 2

DJI’s latest sub-250-gram drone, the Mini 2 SE, is now available to buy. The ultraportable, regulation-friendly aircraft is exempt from registration and licenses in several parts of the world and comes at a super affordable price point of $339. But how does the new DJI drone compare to its closest competitors, the Mini 2 and Mini SE? Let’s find out…

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German research finds security flaws in four leading DJI drones

German researchers say they’ve found security gaps in four models of DJI drones – albeit not the kind that US politicians have claimed to justify placing the company’s craft on federal blacklists.

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New boxed DJI Mini 2 SE leak claims drone available ‘tomorrow’ [Update]

Though DJI remains unusually quiet for a company rumored to be set to launch its first drone of 2023, an additional online photo leak this morning adds support to the theory a new Mini 2 SE model may be rolled out tomorrow ­– though where (and, of course, if) remains to be seen.

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Another English pro soccer match halted by a drone in the stadium

Hooligans used to be the biggest risk to people attending professional soccer matches in England, but a growing concern these days is possible frostbite while waiting for games to resume after being suspended by drones flying in the stadium.

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Mini 3 vs. Mini 2: How does the new DJI drone compare?

Editor’s note [March 10, 2023]: The new DJI Mini 3 with vertical shooting mode and 38 minutes of flight time is currently available for $469, which is a $90 discount on its typical selling price and only $20 more than what the Mini 2 standard package retails for. At this price, the Mini 3 is a steal.

DJI has finally released the Mini 3, its latest sub-250-gram drone for beginners. You can buy the Mini 3 Fly More Combo with the RC-N1 (no display screen) remote controller for $718, while the similar Fly More Combo of the previous generation Mini 2 drone can be purchased today for $509 in a limited-time deal. So, what exactly do you get by shelling out all that extra cash? Let’s take a look…

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New cybersecurity risk audit gives clean chit to DJI Mavic 3, Mini 2, Air 2S drones

So, here’s some good news for DJI drone users who regularly find themselves getting perplexed by reports of a purported “Chinese drone spy threat.” A new independent audit of DJI Mavic 3, Mini 2, and Air 2S drones, as well as the DJI Fly app for iOS and Android, has found that the products fulfill key cybersecurity and privacy protection requirements established by both the US and Europe.

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