February 22

In western Manitoba, Canada a train carrying crude oil derailed early Saturday morning and created an oil spill. CN Rail has not yet disclosed how much oil had leaked from the 37-car-wreckage. So two friends took it upon themselves to send a drone (Phantom) up in the air and have a look.

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As the drone industry is still growing strong, more and more colleges are starting to offer drone classes. And the Grossmont Community College now offers a free course in drone piloting. The college received a $6M federal grant that enabled them to develop a roughly 100-hour drone class, teaching people how to become a drone pilot.

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The police of the City of Fremont in California used a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual equipped with a FLIR camera to find a missing teenager. The Fremont police dispatch received a call last Tuesday, February 5 at around 8:30 PM from the California Highway Patrol, requesting an outside assist to help find a student from the California School for the Deaf.

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A Frenchman by the name of Arthur Desclaux has appeared in a Myanmar court on a drone flying charge after having been arrested two weeks ago. The French drone pilot has allegedly flown his unmanned aircraft too close to the country’s vast parliament complex.

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Calls for robust drone legislation after Dublin Airport disruption

The recent drone incident at Dublin Airport has caused fresh calls for more robust drone legislation in Ireland. The current drone rules are not strong enough to stop people from flying drones over airports. Keep in mind though that we have not seen any evidence that drones were indeed to blame for the incidents at Gatwick, Heathrow, Newark or Dublin. Even DJI issued a statement urging people to not blame drone right away as the likely culprits.

Gatwick drone chaos ‘was an inside job.’ Really?

Ok, so here is the latest theory of what might have happened during the Gatwick Fiasco. The Gatwick drone chaos ‘was an inside job’, the British newspaper The Evening Standard reports. Can somebody please show us any evidence that a drone was indeed seen at Gatwick? Photos? Video?

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