This custom-modified Ford Ranger is the UK’s most advanced drone support vehicle

drone support vehicle ford ranger

A custom-modified Ford Ranger is now available in the UK as the most advanced vehicle to support public safety drone operations. Among other things, the rugged 4×4 hosts a bespoke ready-to-fly drone mechanism and a built-in DJI drone detection unit.

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Utah launches drone law enforcement team to protect wildlife

This hunting season, wildlife conservation officers in Utah plan to search for evidence of poaching and locate illegally killed animals with the help of drones.

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DJI’s latest Mavic 3 quadcopter sees first refurbished discount to $1,749 (Save $450)

DJI’s official eBay storefront now offers the first chance to save on an in-house refurbished Mavic 3 Quadcopter. Dropping the drone down to $1,749 shipped, this is a new all-time low at $450 off the original price tag. For comparison, we last saw a new condition model go for $2,049, with today’s offer marking one of the very first chances to save since launching last fall. The DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo is also on sale, and now sits at an all-time low of $2,349 after the $650 in savings is applied.

DJI’s most capable consumer drone yet arrives as the new Mavic 3 following its launch late last year. The 13-gram package features a new CMOS Hasselblad camera with 5.1K video recording capabilities and marks the first drone in the brand’s stable to transmit 1080p live feeds to the included RC Pro Controller. Other notable features include a 46-minute flight time per battery, and improved object avoidance. Includes a full 2-year warranty. Dive into our hands-on review over at DroneDJ and then head below for more.

Lilium’s annual 400 eVTOL air taxi production goal seeks new funding

This is shaping up to be a busy and auspicious week for electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi developer Lilium. Just days after the German company hailed the success of its Phoenix 2 prototype’s first full transition flight, its boss announced a search for new funding to enable what he said would be initial production targets of 400 craft each year.

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Sabrewing’s Rhaegal cargo drone said to set heavy-lift record

Companies around the globe have been at work developing a category of UAV capable of hauling weightier payloads than the typical delivery craft can, and an Oxnard, California-based business says it’s done that – and more. Meet the Rhaegal super heavy-lift drone, whose Sabrewing manufacturer credits the craft with recently setting a world record by hovering with a payload of 347 kg (829 lb.).

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EU proposal increases liability of AI makers in drone and other tech mishaps

The executive body of the European Union (EU) has introduced draft regulation that would make it easier for individuals and organizations to sue companies whose products – including drones – caused prejudice, damage, or injury due to malfunctioning or misuse of integrated artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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