Google’s Wing Aviation receives the first FAA approval for a drone delivery service in the US. We already reported on this two weeks ago, saying that it would likely be Wing Aviation that would receive the first approval for a delivery service by drone. Today, the commercial drone operator received important government approval to operate as an airline, which gives it the legal authority to deliver products by drone to real customers. The company plans to start routine deliveries by drone in two rural communities in Virginia within the next few months.

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Today, the Fort Wayne City Council will consider a new ordinance that will put restrictions on when and where drones can be flown. The ordinance would restrict drone flying within a 5,500-foot radius of the Superior Lofts building or within a 500-yard horizontal radius of, or anywhere above, a public event without first notifying the city.

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April 22

In our series Drones for Good, we glad to report on this story. Researchers equipped with drone tech rediscover a flower thought to be extinct in a remote part of Kauai’s Kalalau Valley in Hawaii. The flower, a Hibiscadelphus Woodii, grows high on the face of a mountain ridge in an extremely biodiverse area.

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April 19

Chinese police stopped a smuggling operation that used a zip line and drone to send electronic gadgets, high-end cosmetics and nutricial supplements totaling more than $70.000, from Hong Kong to mainland China. Chinese police said that the zip line and drone made smuggling the items easy.

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Shipping authorities in Denmark have adopted a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) to detect shipping sulphur emission levels. The shipping emissions detection system, developed by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), will be deployed along the Great Belt region where large tankers travel from and to the Baltic Sea.

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April 18

Parrot’s $446 Anafi Quadcopter is ideal for aerial photography with a 4K HDR camera (Reg. $560)

BuyDig via Google Express offers the Parrot Anafi Quadcopter for $446.11 shipped when applying code APRDEAL10 at checkout. Normally selling for $560 at retailers like Amazon and B&H, that’s good for an over 20% discount, is $53 under our previous mention and is the best we’ve seen. Armed with a 4K camera, this drone is perfect for aerial photography and excels at capturing video thanks to a 180-degree gimbal. It also features an up to 25-minute runtime and weighs in at just over 11 ounces. Rated 3.8/5 stars from nearly 100 Amazon shoppers.

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