Johannes Fischbach’s attempt to set a world record for the longest jump on a mountain bike resulted in a ‘super crash’ from which he luckily walked away in one piece. The incredible jump was recorded from a number of different angles, the most spectacular one, in my opinion, is the FPV drone footage. Check out the video below.

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DJI welcomes FAA and industry reports on improving drone safety

DJI welcomes FAA and industry reports on improving drone safety. Key recommendations from drone experts mirror DJI’s safety and security initiatives.

LIDAR equipped drones and airplanes help discover and map Maya ruins

In recent years LIDAR equipped drones and airplanes have helped to make a number of discoveries as it allows archaeologists to ‘see’ through dense vegetation and find ruins of old civilizations such as the Maya’s in Mexico

There is no doubt the Skydio 2 is going to be an exciting drone. It is most certainly an improvement over the original Skydio drone. Its autonomous flight modes are undoubtedly better than any DJI drone to date. But how will the camera stack up against the Mavic 2 series or the Phantom 4 Pro ($2199)? With a 1/2.3-inch sensor it can’t likely compete, right? After all, size matters. Or does it? expand full story


The Drone Integration and Zoning Act, introduced by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) on Wednesday, aims to transfer authority over low-flying drones to local governments such as states, cities, and Native American tribes instead of the federal government.

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Could Little Ripper drone warn Cape Cod tourists about great white sharks?

Earlier today, I came across a story [paywall] in the Wall Street Journal that tells how a recent study from Woods Hole Group Inc. shows that there are no good methods to keep swimmers safe from great white sharks in the waters off Cape Cod. In recent years, several people have been injured by sharks, and at least one person died in 2018. It made me wonder whether the Little Ripper drone with SharkSpotter technology from the Australia-based Ripper Group might be able to help warn Cape Cod tourists about great white sharks.

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