Why TikTok can help you become more creative with drones

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TikTok is a newer app that is now competing at scale with Instagram. Though it may at first glance seem like an app used only by a younger generation, it can actually help you become more creative with drones.


Instagram seems to be the golden standard for sharing photo/video content on social media. This app has connected millions of people across the world for free. It can provide you with a lot of exposure, inspire you by other people’s posts, and help you create brand awareness.

Over the past few years, I began to see a problem with Instagram. I noticed about three years in that I was beginning to care too much about what I was willing to share on my page or how my gallery was going to look. I also knew a bunch of other people who felt the same way. Does any of this really matter? No. Are there thousands, if not millions of people overthinking what they should post? Maybe.

The point is, Instagram has almost become a resume for businesses, brands, content creators, etc. When you start to think too much about what you have to/should post or find yourself being influenced by the platform and not your own creativity, things become a lot less fun. Posting content for yourself, your business, or your brand should be fun and rewarding.

I hope people can see past Instagram’s flaws and learn to use that platform plus others to their benefit. Instagram is great, but what if it were to just disappear? Our Instagram has existed since we started our business. However, we find that a lot of the people who follow us on TikTok are also interested in drones. In a way, this new platform is actually influencing us to be more open on Instagram, depending on what it is we want to share with that community.

Below is a little skit we created, which made it seem like we were taking a ride inside the Mavic 2 Pro.

Click here to watch the video.


This is where TikTok comes into play. TikTok is all about video sharing and getting messages across in 15-60 seconds. The content can be goofy or unprofessional, but the whole point is to have fun creating them. Instead of being so focused on what to post next, TikTok can help break your habit of always wanting to post the “perfect” thing. If you’re wondering how this can make you more creative, here’s how.

You come up with your ideas and bring them to life. A few months ago, we started our own TikTok account, @simplyvisual, and have been posting on it about two to four times a day. These videos are things we would post on our Instagram stories or that we just have saved on our phone from an earlier time. Since this is a new platform, we have been able to repurpose them and build a following in less than a year.

Doing this has challenged us to shoot things on our phones that we would have never imagined or cared to before. Getting into the habit of caring less about quality and focusing more on the creation of the idea has benefited us tremendously. Over the course of a few months, we have more confidence to share things that may be too goofy or not so fitting for other platforms like Instagram. The point isn’t to gain followers, it’s to have fun learning how to use the platform and understand how people react to the content you share.

Below is our most popular video, which is an FPV drone taking off and flying. It’s recorded simply with an iPhone and an intention to film something.

Click here to watch the video.


TikTok can help you become more creative by getting you to create more frequently. It takes time to come up with thoughts/ideas, and it takes time and energy to execute them. Get your family, friends, kids or coworkers involved and have fun creating!

You really never know what’s going to do well and what isn’t, but this is a really good place to start. Follow some of the trends, and always be sure to check what is popular there. Another great thing to do when growing your TikTok is to link to your other social channels. Simply Visual is dedicated to standing out when it comes to drones, so even if we post a video of someone dancing, it’s just a matter of tweaking that caption for your audience ;). You can link to your Instagram or YouTube. We personally connected our YouTube and have been gaining new subscribers almost every day.

If you need any inspiration related to the drone field, be sure to check out our page. Also, feel free to leave some comments below if you have anything to add about these two platforms.

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