Police drone catches suspect on the run

Police in the UK really love to use their drones. And when those drones happen to help them in dramatic fashion, they love to post videos. We’re happy they do, because this drone video of a hapless suspect trying to evade capture is priceless.

It begins with a large number of police officers converging on a home. That home belongs to Thomas Stones, and the Derbyshire Constabulary wanted a word with him. But it seems Mr. Stones wasn’t exactly eager to comply with that warrant and thought instead he’d make a run for it. And so he tried to jump from the second-story window of his flat. Actually, he did more than try: He jumped straight out and then began what looks like a not very fun run. I mean, we’ll give him an E for Effort…but when a drone is locked onto your whereabouts, and the operator is radioing your every move to other officers, it’s not likely to end well.

Let’s break it down. But remember, this is a police chase – nor parkour. First, there’s the window jump:

There goes Mr. Stone

Then came the fence, which collapsed as he tried to scale it:

Ouch as he falls through the fence

With a valiant effort, he crosses the street and into someone’s backyard. There he jumps a smaller fence, knocking over some bicycles. All the while, the police are moving in – including an officer with a dog (not seen in this image):

Run, run, run, Mr. Stones…

It was inevitable

When you’re running from police who have a drone locked on you, just stop. They will catch you. And, if you’re like Mr. Stones, you’ll just fall down a bunch of times and wear yourself out before they put the handcuffs on. Not only will they catch you, they’ll Tweet about it, which will add insult to injury.

The whole chase, as captured by drone

Good day/bad day

For the Derbyshire Constabulary’s Drone Unit, this was a very good day.

For Thomas Stones it was a decidedly bad day. Though, for the record, he did get some exercise.

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