Freefly Systems teases new ‘Astro’ drone

Freefly Astro teaser

Freefly Systems, known for its high-end drones built for cinematography (as well as its terrific gimbal systems), is teasing us with a new drone release. A 35-second video provides a glimpse — but only a glimpse — of a new drone hopefully coming soon.

Freefly is well-known in the cinema world for a number of its products: its drones, gimbals, and controllers. Those who have worked with their products, like the flagship Alta 8 Pro (which can lift 20 pounds), know this company produces excellent products. Of course, pro gear like this can be out of reach for many of us. The Alta 8 Pro, for example, sells for $15,995. But Freefly Systems has no shortage of pros from the film and television industries eager to use its products. (In fact, the Alta 8 Pro has been out of stock until recently.)

And now, the company is teasing us with a smaller cinema drone called Astro.

YouTube and Twitter

Freefly posted a brief, 35-second video to YouTube and also unveiled the teaser with a Tweet. The video (much like the Tweet) contained a lot of one-word descriptors. Specifically:

  • Small
  • Light
  • Quiet
  • Faaast
  • Folds
  • Folds again
  • Great flight times
  • 60 Megapixel Sony A7R4
  • Weather sealed
  • Linux companion computer
  • LTE
  • Skynode
  • Auterion
  • Training
  • Precise
  • Stable
  • RTK
  • Integrated Gimbal
  • Auterion Mission Control
  • Dependable
  • Expandable
  • Designed, tested, Built in USA
  • Long range data links
  • Adorable
  • Waypoints
  • Intuitive
  • Smart batteries

What else?

The minimalist teaser gives us a glimpse, but only a glimpse, of its Astro drone. Here it is:

Frame grab from the end of the Freefly teaser

And so…

Without further adieu, here you go!

We look forward to seeing more! No release date announced.

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