Best drone song ever? Probably, we think.

And the winner in the category of made-up drone song? Well, given the fact it’s the only entry we’re aware of…the award goes to Karachi Kwadz. You’ll see – and hear – why in a moment.

It takes a certain creative skill to make up a song with decent lyrics, good rhythm – and that will hold our attention. Those of a certain age will recall that Adam Sandler used to make great use of his musical ad-lib chops on Saturday Night Live, where he would create entertaining rhyming riffs off the top of his head. But we haven’t seen much of this in the world of drones – nor have we actually gone looking for it. Today, however, we were stunned while checking out a few of the drone Instagram feeds we like. Because there, on BetaFPV’s feed, was a brilliantly executed drone song.

We know…we weren’t expecting it either. But here it is, with a page plucked from Janice Joplin’s famous Mercedes Benz. Take note of how well composer Karachi Kwadz wrote those lyrics to match the video he had:

Lol – this is fun.

85X HD

Karachi Kwadz makes specific reference to the 85X HD: “I’ve flown two to death now, woe she is me…”

The quad he’s referring to is actually a pretty serious machine. Though it weighs in at just 80.5 grams without the battery, this quad supports 4S power. Its brushless, 5000KV motors are punchy and responsive. And the video quality? Spectacular. Really, remember this is coming from a $199.95 drone:

Gorgeous video quality in a micro package…

Great small quads

We’ve had some other experience with BetaFPV products and are incredibly impressed with their quality and ruggedness. Check out this video, shot with the Beta95X. It’s shot inside an historic tea house in China.

Tiny, but mighty

Plus, both of those quads – the 85X HD and the 95X V2 – are capable of handling a naked GoPro with ease:

Cine Whoop

These smaller quads are a great way to get into the FPV scene. They’re also a pretty economical way to experiment in the world of Cine Whoop-style drones.

Naked GoPro on a tiny package. Amazing…

If you’re totally new to this, we wrote earlier about BetaFPV’s all-in-one kit. You get a brushless quad, radio and goggles for $199. The company has an even more affordable version, for $129.99, here.

At $129, a great way for beginners to test the waters without breaking the bank

FPV the easy way

As someone now breaking into the FPV world, I can tell you a couple of things with certainty: Really good FPV pilots have put in the hours. They’ve done so with training, using simulators, and – more often than not – with countless crashes. It takes time to get good, and it can be expensive.

We’re not into that – at least not the expensive part. We’ve put in many hours indoors with an inexpensive kit we pulled together. We didn’t have to wait for good weather to fly, didn’t have to worry about damaging anything, and could really put in the time to start gaining more precise control over the quad. In our view, this is a great way to build up chops before moving on to something more serious.

At the moment, FYI, I’m working on tweaking up the BetaFPV HX115. We bought that from Rotor Geeks – which really sells nearly every FPV widget you could imagine. That quad is unbelievably fast, so my current step is to tone down the radio throttle before I actually cause some damage. Will keep you posted!

Do not attempt to fly this one indoors!

And – hats off to good FPV pilots. We now have a pretty good understanding of just how much skill (including Betaflight tuning chops) are involved. Kudos!

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