Make ‘time’ for this amazing drone hyperlapse showreel video

We were spinning around online last night when something really outstanding popped out. It was a showreel from Poland. And you’ll see, in a moment, why we’re highlighting this work.

It takes a lot to grab our attention. When we’re not writing or flying, we’re surfing – and we cover a lot of internet territory on any given day. Seriously, we’ll be looking at everything from academic studies to company websites to news releases to Facebook groups, YouTube, pilot forums, and more. And, during the course of a typical day, we see multiple great videos.

But this one? It stood out.

Hyperlapse and timelapse

The creator is a pilot who is also a professional photographer. Tomasz Walczak is from Poland, with access to some gorgeous locations. But it’s what he does with those locations that counts. He’s a specialist – actually, let’s say an expert – in timelapse and hyperlapse work.

We liked the video so much that we messaged Tomasz to ask him a few questions. He tells us he’s been flying about five years and that his fleet includes a DJI Mavic 2 Pro, plus various FPV drones. On his website, Beyond The Time, he sets up some background on why he’s pulled this showreel together and some of what it contains:

As we stepped into a new year, it is time to present my brand new reel! It took me some time to prepare it but it’s finally here. 2020 wasn’t easy, but still full of surprises. It taught me a lot and made me think about not only limitations, but also about new possibilities. The last year was unique in many different ways. For me, it was the time when I could learn how to fly FPV drones, which I got to like a lot. Pandemic affected my professional plans, but thanks to that there’s a whole new part of my filmmaking, and it really makes me excited. In the reel you can find lots of FPV footage and my hyperlapse film Future Is Bright, some parts from my professional work, which include big tv shows. Enjoy!

Tomasz Walczak

Okay, okay: Let’s see the video!

Sure thing. You can find it on Beyond The Time or via YouTube:

That’s some serious talent, right there…

The piloting is superb, of course. But what also really grabs us is the planning involved. Many of the parts selected for this reel were clearly well-organized sequences that clearly were not random. And wow – how about that seamless transition from the pocket watch to the watchtower? A-mazing.

That was really something…

Advice for other pilots?

Tomasz says: “Make your flights smooth and always try new things.”

Any tips for building FPV, Tomasz?

“I’m better in flying fpv than building, so maybe choose some good pre-built drone for the first fpv.”

Finally, he offers: “Fly Safe.”

Learn from Tomasz

We just noticed, while exploring his site, that Tomasz also offers paid courses. You can learn more about his Hyperlapse Course on this page. Obviously, you’d be learning from a real pro.

Thanks for the reel, Tomasz. And also for your “time.”

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