DJI ‘MINI SE’ shows up on Walmart. But is it really new?

A new DJI offering has appeared online at Walmart. It’s got a new name: The MINI SE. But is it really a new drone?

Okay, we saw this first thanks to @OsitaLV on Twitter. But we found it on Walmart and started taking a closer look. Yes, there’s a new remote – what appears to be the same one that ships with the Mavic AIR 2 and the AIR 2S. But everything else we’re seeing here looks pretty familiar. And that’s got us wondering.

Is this really new? Or just a bundled original Mavic Mini with a new remote (and a new name).

Mavic Mini?

Sure looks like it to us. And the specs line up with the original Mavic Mini. What’s new here is the remote that comes bundled with it. Here’s what it looks like:

The “SE” – we assume – stands for “Special Edition.”

A closer look

Here’s a tighter photo of the drone itself:

Hmmm… looks pretty familiar.

And here’s the bundle

As mentioned, it comes with the same controller as the AIR 2/AIR 2S.


We can’t see a price on the Walmart link, which you’ll find here. But @OsitaLV suggests it’s DJI’s least expensive drone ever, and likely being marketed to take on some competition. “This could be the response to Hubsan Zino Mini Pro,” he writes.

Not quite the polished packaging we’re used to…

DroneDJ‘s take

DJI always announces any products that are truly new. There hadn’t been any rumblings that this was in the works.

And we suspect, based on the specs and appearance, that it is not new. We think this is likely the original Mavic Mini (still a great little drone), repackaged with a new remote. The company had already discounted the Mavic Mini’s price… and sales have no doubt fallen off because most consumers will happily pony up the extra dough for the significantly improved 4K video Mini 2 (which is a fantastic little drone).

But if they’ve got stock and see a market, why not bundle that older drone with a nice new remote and sell it as a package? We’re sending a note to our DJI contacts tonight; if this is truly something new we’ll let you know. However, DJI’s business practices would lead us to strongly suggest this is something now older, but with a new name, controller, and packaging. We’ll let you know the price, and other details, when we have them.

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