DroneClash: The drone fighting competition you never heard of

DroneClash - The drone fighting competition you've never heard of

Last weekend, the 2nd annual DroneClash, the next level drone competition, took place in Katwijk, The Netherlands. DroneClash is the drone fighting competition you’ve never heard of, in which drones need to attack and disable rogue drones by any means possible. Think RoboWars but now in the air. The event is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Dutch Police, the Delft University of Technology and others. This event is not only fun and games there is a more serious aspect to it as well as the Dutch police and Ministry of Defence are looking for new innovative ways to take down rogue drones in real-life situations. A few years ago, they have already tried to do so with birds, but that did not work out so well. The DroneClash event offers a healthy cash prize of 30,000 EUR to the winner. Check it out below.

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