DJI launches the Spark Portable Charging Station

This is perfect timing on DJI’s part as I was about to buy either this super small case from PolarPro or the Doubi carrying case for my DJI Spark. Those plans have been canceled as I just placed an order for this new travel charger from DJI, the Spark Portable Charging Station. It is a little bulkier and heavier, but it has a built-in battery that allows you to charge up to one DJI Spark and two additional batteries. It is priced at $89 and available as of today.

So you can leave the house with three fully charged batteries and a fully charged Spark Portable Charging Station, fly your drone for 48 minutes, empty all three batteries, insert all in the charging station and 2.5 hours later you are good to fly again. If you are on a vacation or camping trip where you don’t have a charging solution nearby, the Spark Portable Charging Station is a great solution.


What is the Spark Portable Charging Station

The Spark Portable Charging Station is a portable charger that also holds a charge. The charger itself can be charged in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Once fully charged the Spark Portable Charging Station with a total power of 5000mAh, 54Wh and a voltage of 13.05V, can charge a DJI Spark with the battery attached to the drone and two additional Intelligent Flight Batteries in 2.5 hours. It also has a USB port and can charge other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

How does the Spark Portable Charging Station work?


1. Toggle the board’s securing switch to open the board and then align the battery with the battery slot track and insert it. Align the external charging contact on the aircraft’s battery with the charging station’s contact, and then insert the aircraft into the station. Close the securing board and ensure the board is fastened.

2. Short press the power button once, then press again and hold to power on the station to start charging.

3. When charging, it will first charge the battery in the aircraft, and then the two spare batteries in accordance with their power levels from high to low.

4. The charging station’s charger is compatible with the Spark‘s battery charger. It takes approximately 95 minutes to fully charge the station.

5. You can also use this station as battery charging hub. When it’s connected to an external power source, it takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the station, an aircraft-connected battery together with the other two spare batteries.

6. There are three ports on the side of the charging station. They are(from left to right):

USB Port (5V/2A): to charge remote controller and mobile devices;
Charging port : to charge the station and intelligent flight batteries;
Micro USB port : to connect the station to a computer for firmware updates.

Now you have a way to stop worrying about running out of battery on the go. No matter if you are out for a bike ride, a long hike or a road trip, you can easily pack the Spark Portable Charging Station and enjoy a long flight.

Price and availability

The Spark Portable Charging Station costs $89 and is available as of today.

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