Feature February 16

A drone may have been involved in a helicopter’s crash landing in South Carolina earlier this week. This would make it the first drone-related aircraft crash in the United States. The incident happened on Wednesday around 2 pm as a student pilot was practicing low-altitude hovering in a remote area, according to Charleston Police Department report. Luckily both the student and the helicopter instructor were uninjured.

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This morning we woke up to newly leaked information from a source, who has proven to be very accurate in the past. The DJI Mavic Pro II (or Mavic Pro 2) is rumored to arrive late in March so it makes sense that more details are coming out as we approach that deadline. Today we learn that the original foldable drone from DJI may actually grow in size. Indeed the new DJI Mavic Pro II may become a monster drone.


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Feature February 13

The Skydio R1 drone has been years in the making but it is here now! Our sister site, Electrek, first wrote about it when one of the senior engineers left Tesla to join the then start-up drone company.

What makes the R1 drone unlike any other drone you’ve seen, is its advanced obstacle avoidance system, the Skydio Autonomy Engine. With 12 cameras, the R1 creates a 3D map of its surroundings and tries to predict the movements of its subject, i.e. a skier, runner, biker, up to 4 seconds into the future so that it can follow the subject while keeping it in the center of the frame and avoiding obstacles at the same time. Impossible you say? Wait until you watch the video below. This is obstacle avoidance at a whole new level. Sorry guys, but the bar has been raised with the R1 drone from Skydio.

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Feature February 7

Last week, we reported on DJI quietly removing Waypoints as one of the Intelligent Flight Modes available on the Mavic Air. The original Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum both have Waypoints available and many drone pilots love and use this feature. The Waypoints feature allows you to have the drone fly itself from waypoint to waypoint so that you can focus on capturing the photos or video footage. We asked DJI why they removed the Waypoints feature and if we can have it back.  expand full story

Just a short post this time to summarize all the information, we have seen about the new Mavic Pro II (or Mavic Pro 2). This post contains some old rumors as well as some that have surfaced today. We wanted to make a list of all the specifications that have been rumored up till today as an easy point of reference. A lot of the information has come from a single source, but as we have seen with the launch of the Zenmuse X7, the Osmo Mobile 2 and the Mavic Air, more sources will come forward as we approach the launch date.

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Feature February 6

If you’ve got any recent flagship smartphone, you’ve got a great camera – both for still photos and for video. So good, in fact, that many independent filmmakers use the iPhone in particular to shoot both shorts and full-length movies.

But such reports can give a somewhat misleading impression. Very often, the smartphone is the capture device, but it’s coupled to far more expensive supplementary kit like professional lenses, and gimbals to smooth footage.

What DJI has done with its latest gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 2, is to bring smooth mobile shooting – and more – down to a price level that makes it extremely affordable. So much so that, when you consider all the things it can do, I’d say it qualifies as the best-value iPhone accessory on the market at the moment …

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