Feature June 18

Well, this has been a long time in the making. But we were thrilled earlier today to have an opportunity to speak with Alexandru Duru, the CEO of Omni Hoverboards. Let’s dive in.

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Feature April 2

Drone manufacturer FIMI has released its latest drone, the X8 Mini, as a direct competitor to DJI’s Mini line of drones. The drone is designed to slot in at just under 250 grams, but with a catch. A “pro” battery must be used to keep it under the 250-gram weight limit.

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Feature March 4

Editor’s note: If you are new to First Person View drone flight, or would like a refresher on safety tips and drone regs, please read our story on the topic here.

It’s been one day since the release of DJI’s innovative new FPV drone, and many people have already ordered the product. We take a look at some of the main reasons why this might be the perfect fit for someone wanting to get into the world of First Person View flying – and a couple outlining why it might not be a fit for others. Let’s hop in.

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Feature February 13

After two images leaked online yesterday, we now have more pictures of the drone and what we can expect in the DJI FPV drone combo box. The combo appears to be the equivalent of DJI’s fly more package with everything you need to get the FPV drone in the air.

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Feature January 29

Leaks continue to show what the DJI FPV drone looks like before its release, and today is no different as we take a look at two recent ones that give us a possible release date timeframe and the sound the drone makes on startup.

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Feature January 27

The DJI Fly app on Android hasn’t been updated since November, with DJI asking users to download it from its website instead. This is resulting in users not getting the latest updates and features, but why is it happening?

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