DJI, Skydio and 3DR will discuss drones during this year’s Disrupt 2018

DJI, Skydio and 3DR will discuss drones during this year's Disrupt 2018

This year, Disrupt SF will feature a panel discussion with some of the biggest names in the drone industry. The panel will consist out of Arnaud Thiercelin, the head of the R&D department for DJI in the U.S., Adam Byrd the founder and CEO of Skydio and Chris Anderson, the CEO of 3DR. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say about the fast-growing drone industry.

Drone panel discussion

It is good to see Disrupt SF putting the spotlight on drones and the fast-growing industry, we all love so much. Whenever I talk to people who have never flown a drone before, I realize how much more potential there is to inform the general public about drones and the benefits they can bring to our society. Disrupt’s drone panel discussions with some of the biggest names in the drone industry will help to increase the awareness of drones among the general public.

The panel members representing the drone industry are:

Arnaud Thiercelin – DJI

Arnaud is the head of the U.S. R&D department for DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer in both the consumer and commercial market. He leads the teams that are responsible for bringing new drone technologies to the market.

Adam Bry – Skydio

Adam is the founder and CEO of Skydio, the company that brought us the amazing autonomously flying drone, the R1. He is a graduate of MIT’s CSAIL program and worked on Google’s Project Wing in the past.

Chris Anderson – 3D Robotics

Chris is the CEO of 3DR. His company developed the drone analytics enterprise software platform, SiteScan. Before co-founding the company, Chris was the long-time editor-in-chief of Wired. 3DR has left the consumer drone space to focus on developing software for the commercial drone market instead.

It will be very interesting to hear these three talk about the latest developments in the drone industry come September. We will be sure to cover this and bring you any insights this discussion may provide.

Disrupt SF is September 5-7 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


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