FLIR heats up Black Friday with sizzling thermal deals

FLIR Black Friday

Okay. We promise not to make any more thermal jokes. But we did want to share that FLIR has some great Black Friday deals.

FLIR thermal cameras have helped spot missing people in pitch black conditions. They’ve detected trouble spots in residential roofs. They’ve found people trapped by natural disasters like earthquakes. And now the company is dropping the price of its sensors, which can be added as payloads to drones. The bulk of FLIR’s line is on for 15 percent off, with even greater discounts on some sensors. It’s rare to get a significant discount on FLIR products…so if you’re in the market for a thermal sensor, now is definitely the time!

Let’s have a look.

Thermal leader

When it comes to thermal, FLIR is the company. A promotional email sent today announced consumers could “Save up to 15% on sUAS models!” It then showed these three deals – just to get us interested:

Universal use-case

Thermal cameras have become, in certain sectors, almost ubiquitous. Many Enterprise users deploy them for inspections, and an increasing number of First Responders are now flying drones equipped with FLIR sensors.

They’re not inexpensive, but what cost can you put on finding a missing person – or detecting an industrial overheating problem before it becomes a bonafide disaster? That’s why these deals, if you’re considering a FLIR camera in your toolkit, are worth checking out:

Are you getting warm? This sensor can see things the human eye cannot…

Limited Time

Like everything else Black Friday, this deal won’t be around for long. FLIR says the prices will be in effect until December 7.

And while we promised you no more thermal puns, FLIR does have some hot deals.

And that’s pretty cool.

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