FLIR Systems Stories November 23

Okay. We promise not to make any more thermal jokes. But we did want to share that FLIR has some great Black Friday deals.

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FLIR Systems Stories July 21

An image of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers holding a FLIR Back Hornet drone that was reportedly captured in northeast town of Tal Tamr, Syria. The drone was captured by two soldiers and is believed to be from the US armed forces.

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FLIR Systems Stories July 17

FLIR has announced its latest product, the Hadron dual vision sensor module for drones. The new camera module has been produced to reduce development costs and speed how quickly manufacturers can integrate the sensor with their drones.

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FLIR Systems Stories June 5

FLIR is hosting its DELTA thermal drone scavenger hunt for the next month. The contestants are required to upload images using a FLIR thermal camera with the best submissions winning a drone training class, FLIR thermal camera, and a FLIR DELTA Challenge Coin.

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FLIR Systems Stories April 15, 2019

The French drone maker, Parrot launches the ANAFI Thermal, a light-weight and very compact drone with an integrated FLIR thermal camera aimed at professional drone pilots. This new drone is launched as an all in one package, which includes the drone, the thermal sensor, and the software. The ANAFI Thermal, three batteries, and a shoulder bag will retail for $1,900 USD and will be available at authorized retailers starting next month. The ANAFI Thermal competes head-on with the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual as it offers the same resolution (160 x 120) FLIR thermal sensor but at a lower price ($1,900 instead of $2,699 for the Enterprise Dual).

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FLIR Systems Stories January 25, 2019

FLIR Systems awarded $39.6M contract for US Army Soldier Borne Sensor Program

FLIR Systems was awarded a $39.6M contract for Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance Systems for US Army Soldier Borne Sensor Program. The contract follows a contract for $89M that was closed with the French Armed Forces a week ago.

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