Drone reveals long grocery lines in Austin due to big freeze

We’ve heard how bad it is for many people, particularly in Texas, due to the recent cold weather. Now, a drone shot gives you an even better idea of the challenges Texans are facing.

Power outages, broken pipes, freezing homes. The recent weather system, which sent temperatures plummeting in Texas and elsewhere, has left millions without power or faced with rolling outages. Social media is filled with pictures of burst pipes and people bundled up indoors in winter clothing and boots. In short, it’s a mess.

And we can now add concerns over food to the list.

Seeking warmth and food

For many people, this isn’t just a matter of inconvenience. There have already been a number of deaths in Texas due to this freak weather.

Having power outages also causes problems for food. What can you cook if you don’t have access to a stove or barbecue? What if supplies run out?

Those sorts of concerns, understandably, send people en masse to the grocery store. We saw this at certain points during the pandemic, and now we’re seeing it again in Austin. This time, however, we’re seeing it from a different perspective.

The view from above

Someone captured this drone footage in Austin. There’s a massive line outside a grocery store. But only a drone can show you exactly how massive:

You’ll note the white SUV that pulls out right at the beginning and maintains a slow speed as it goes past the line. Can’t say for sure, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the drone operator was inside that vehicle, though they’d be violating VLOS rules.

This is a crisis

And this is just a snippet of what people are going through.

If you have friends or relatives in an affected area, reach out and offer assistance. Even if you don’t, there are undoubtedly some worthwhile charities doing good work to help those who need it.

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