Disaster Stories May 21

Several drones have taken to the sky to capture the massive amounting of flooding in Midland, Michigan caused by two dam failures as a result of heavy rainfall over the last few days. Thousands of residents have evacuated as a result.

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Disaster Stories September 8, 2019

A drone video has been released showing the aftermath left by Hurricane Dorian that hit the Bahamas earlier this week. The video gives us an insight into the damage and destruction caused by the deadly hurricane as the cleanup and restoration process begins.

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Disaster Stories March 1, 2018

What can be a very effective, fast and affordable way to reach people in need? You guessed, right. Drones. Zipline has been using drones successfully in over thousands of missions to bring blood and medical supplies to people in need in Rwanda and Google has been delivering burritos by drone. Now an English start-up wants to bring humanitarian aid to people in need with edible drones.

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Disaster Stories December 11, 2017

A Japanese research has developed a rescue drone that detects people who are trapped under the rubble after natural disasters such as earthquakes. The team claims this is world’s first drone that has this ability. It uses a special microphone to detect distress calls from survivors. expand full story

Disaster Stories November 18, 2017

The FAA approved AT&T’s “Cell on Wings” drone, we reported on here, for use in Puerto Rico. The drone is a Pulse Vapor 55 that can operate as a flying cell tower and quickly restore cellular phone service in disaster-stricken areas. AT&T calls their drone the Flying COW for Cell on Wings. It was developed by AT&T to fly up to 200 feet above the ground and can provide voice, data and Internet service for 40 square miles. expand full story

Disaster Stories October 9, 2017

Drones are making inroads in all different aspects of our lives. Most people fly them for fun and tend to see drones as a hobby or a toy. Meanwhile, however, these unmanned aerial vehicles are quietly transforming many professional operations and for instance, they are increasingly being used by real estate agents, insurance inspectors, maintenance crews, farmers and emergency responders.

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