DJI Air 2S in production; release soon: source

DJI has already been manufacturing the Air 2S, says a source from China, and the release of this product is coming soon. The same source also says the Mavic 3 will be “incredible” – and he’s expecting it later this year.

Hot on the heels of the March 2 release of its DJI FPV Drone, the company is apparently gearing up for another release. An updated model of the Mavic Air 2 – simply called the Air 2S – is already being manufactured. It will feature incremental upgrades from the Mavic Air 2, and be simply an evolution of that model rather than a significant redesign.

But if you were tempted to buy an Mavic Air 2 right about now… you might want to wait another month or so.


There’s a source in China who has an inside track with DJI. He offered some really great information prior to the release of the DJI FPV drone, including details about the Motion Controller some two months prior to release. So we trust the guy. And we just communicated again now.

He’s offering information on the Air 2S and the upcoming Mavic 3.

What’s in a name?

According to the FCC filings we’ve seen, the name will be DJI Air 2S. This follows a recent shift by DJI, where it has been dropping the names of product lines in favor of a more streamlined convention. So the Mavic Mini successor was the Mini 2, etc. In this case, the Air 2S name simply means it’s an evolution in the product line, rather than a wholesale makeover. Think of it, said the source, as like iPhone X and iPhone XS.

Is a replacement on the way? Apparently, yes

So expect incremental changes from the Mavic Air 2 rather than something with an entire pile of new features.

What kind of stuff?

Well, according to the source, the Air 2S will feature some camera improvements and longer flight time. But still, in his opinion, it will be the company’s best drone release of the year:

“Probably the best drone of the year,” he writes. “Not too expensive, great for newbies, long flight time.”

We had speculated it could be interesting if the Air 2S was capable of transmitting to the V2 goggles. Our source says we shouldn’t hold our breath; the Air 2S will not be FPV-capable.

Dang. Too bad…

Any other details you can share about that Air 2S?


Mavic 3

Here’s where our source gets super excited. He says the follow-up to the Mavic 2 will be “incredible… So much better than existing drones in terms of image quality.”

Detail of Mavic Air 2 – Scott Simmie Photo

He didn’t offer any other details, so we can’t tell you anything about sensors or other improvements. We can also tell you, this product is scheduled for later in 2021 – probably Q3 or, more likely, Q4.

Oh, he also says there’s a new Action camera the company will be releasing this year (we’ll leave the “Osmo” name out of here, since it has also been dropped).


Get ready for the Air 2S, coming soon. Expect incremental changes, including some camera improvements and an even greater flight time than DJI’s Mavic Air 2. And, if you’re not in a rush, the Mavic 3 (which won’t be called that) will feature significantly improved imaging when released, likely this fall.

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