DJI doubles battery warranty period to 1 year: Is your drone eligible?

dji battery warranty

DJI is sharing some pretty awesome news today. The world’s largest drone manufacturer is increasing the warranty period for its intelligent flight batteries from the standard six months to 12 months.

DJI says this extended coverage will apply to new or recent drone purchases only. Meanwhile, the covered charge cycle limits will remain the same as before.

It’s important to know that these charge cycle limits vary from product to product. So, for example, if you have recently purchased a Mini 2, DJI’s coverage of the intelligent flight batteries will remain valid for a period of one year or 200 charge cycles – whichever comes first.

To find out the exact warranty period details for your drone and see if you’re eligible for extended coverage, you can visit DJI’s after-sales service policies page.

Great news!

Recent issues with Mini 2 battery

Earlier this year, some Mini 2 users complained that their intelligent batteries were not auto-discharging when left inside the drone or in the charging hub.

Basically, DJI has auto-discharging capabilities built into its batteries. This feature helps to maximize the life of the drone battery and also ensures that it wouldn’t become unstable. But for some users, their fully charged batteries were not discharging themselves to optimal storage levels. And DJI had to issue a firmware update to tackle the issue.

It may just be possible that this bug could have prompted DJI to take better care of its customers by offering an extended battery warranty. And also, as DroneDJ readers in the UK and EU point out, DJI has anyway been offering extended warranties for its batteries in these regions, as mandated by the law.

How to take care of DJI drone batteries

Bug or no bug, battery care is something that every drone user should think about. As a rule, you should be on the lookout for some common issues that can hamper battery health. If any of the following occurs, know that it’s time to replace the battery:

  • Visual swelling, leaking, or damage (cracks, dents, etc.)
  • Bent terminals (can cause a short circuit)
  • An in-app notification or prompt regarding battery cell damage or over-discharge
  • A battery that has reached 200 charging cycles
  • Maintenance prompt that does not go away even after charging and discharging the battery twice consecutively
  • Crash or hard impact

It’s also worth noting that over-discharging or reaching 0% can be one of the biggest enemies of your drone battery. Normally, DJI advises that you land your drone when the battery level is about 15% or greater to maximize its life. But you can always refer to your drone’s user manual for more specific recommendations.

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