No surprise, that drone video probably isn’t “Nessie”

The creature remains as fleeting as Scotch mist. An intriguing 4k drone video of the purported Loch Ness monster “surfaced” last month, but skeptics believe the Nessie video is fake.

The Daily Record reported that camper Richard Mavor was taking drone photos for his Youtube channel, Richard Outdoors, when he spotted a mysterious shape in the Scottish loch.

“I couldn’t believe it. I had to rewind the footage several times and have watched it several times since,” he said.

Some amateur debunkers can’t believe it either. They think it’s a plesiosaur alright, just a small plastic one made to appear gigantic.

In a follow-up Record story, Nessie hunter Steve Feltham said he had a feeling of deflation when he first saw the video. He’s been living on the shore of the loch for thirty years hoping to solve the monster mystery.

“There appears to be no natural movement in the object, and an unlikely degree of illumination, I have spent many hours as a passenger in a microlite flying low over the loch trying to spot a silhouette in the dark waters, and things just do not show up that clearly, it looks almost like the object is illuminated.”

The YouTube channel ParaBreakdown analyzed the video and says it’s not a late Cretaceous marine reptile… it’s a toy. What’s more, there appear to be two versions of the same video in the clip, one with a monster and one without.

Skeptics believe drone video of Nessie is fake

Here’s ParaBreakdown’s analysis and it seems credible. Debunker Sam Shearon appears to have found the exact toy.

We’ve all been impressed with wonderful drone shots of aquatic life that simply weren’t available before drones. But so far, drones haven’t been reliable monster hunters.

While we can’t say for sure the drone video is bogus, we can say adding prehistoric animals to drone video is not terribly difficult. Here’s the lesser-known Muskoka Mike threatening cottagers in Ontario this summer, courtesy of The Photoshop Phaker. (That’s me, btw).

We’ll need a bigger boat if you keep tossing that thing s’mores.

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