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David MacQuarrie

David MacQuarrie is a 35 year+ veteran of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He worked in St. John’s,  Ottawa, Toronto, and Beijing where he worked as a news writer, reporter, producer for the national and local television and radio networks.  His stories on science and technology won ACTRA and Columbus awards.

A drone tour of Shanghai’s “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” building

It’s officially known as the 1000 Trees building by Thomas Heatherwick’s studio, but the Shanghai shopping center recalls an ancient wonder. Take a drone tour of the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” building.

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Hezbollah spy drone mistakenly reveals the identities of the spies

Most drone pilots are keen to identify their drones just in case they fly away and get lost. But that’s not a great idea for spycraft. Apparently though, some Hezbollah drone pilots didn’t read the espionage handbook all the way through: Check your drone’s memory card.

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Drones create lovely model of China’s Shenyang Imperial Palace

Maybe someday we’ll have great 3D models of every interesting building. But this model of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in China’s Liaoning Province is a lovely addition to the growing library. If you can’t physically visit the Shenyang Imperial Palace, admire this drone 3D model of a Chinese treasure.

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Drone reveals the devastation caused by ferocious Colorado wildfire

The images are stark, tragic, and bewildering. Hundreds, perhaps even a thousand homes were completely obliterated by a wildfire that tore through Colorado subdivisions in the closing hours of last year. Watch this drone video of the Colorado wildfire devastation.

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Drones capture the terrifying tornado devastation in Kentucky

What may be the deadliest storm to ever hit Kentucky likely killed more than 90 people and left a swath of destruction that eyewitnesses and survivors struggle to describe. Drone video captured the Kentucky devastation. But even from the air, it’s hard to grasp the extent of the chaos.

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Future of Life Institute continues call to ban AI-powered drone swarms

A new Orwellian video released by the Future of Life Institute calls on the United Nations to ban AI-powered drone swarms. Showcasing a hypothetical future, the video’s been watched more than 3 million times – and even artificial intelligence pioneer Elon Musk seems alarmed.

While the video may not be real, it raises important questions about the future of drone-based weapons the regulations surrounding them.

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