Micron 1.5 TB i400 microSD: Best new card for drones? Probably not, but it shows promise

dji Mavic 3 with micron 1.5 tb microsd

Last week Micron announced it is breaking the record for the largest MicroSD card to come to the market. Coming in at 1.5 TB, is Micron’s new microSD card the best option for all-day drone storage?

We all hate it when it happens. You spend the night before or morning of charging batteries and packing up your drones, ensuring you have a spare everything and you don’t miss a single important piece of equipment. Then, finally, you make the drive out to the location you’ve been planning to capture for some time and take flight. Then it happens, not enough space on your SD card and of all the duplicate gear you brought you somehow forgot your SD case.

If you’re a professional juggler of 32 or 64 GB microSD cards, Micron may help you. The company just came out with the all-new 1.5 TB i400 microSD card, and while tailored toward automotive or video surveillance, it might just be a solution for some of you drone pilots out there.

Having that much capacity at your disposal would end up being a challenge to fill up for any casual drone pilots. Or, for the professionals, one card for an entire day of flying with less downtime switching cards with just one dump needed when the shoot is over.

Sure, it might not technically be rated to do our level of video recording, so it’s hit or miss if you can even use it in the drones we use. However, hopefully this sort of technology will soon trickle down to the microSD cards we use with the proper V30 spec for stable video recording. Maybe we’ll get our hands on one for… testing purposes.

If this sounds like the solution for you, prepare your wallets

So even if this isn’t a proper microSD card for drones, maybe you have a security camera watching your sick gear cage. This definitely won’t be a cheap card. We don’t know the price of Micron’s 1.5 TB microSD card yet, but since it’s the first on the market, prepare to pay a premium. SanDisk’s Extreme Pro 1TB microSD will set you back about $230 or $130 if you go for the Ultra model. We expect the 1.5 TB from Micron to be much higher.

So if you do want to get your hands on one of these little blue guys, you will have to contact Micron sales directly for more information.

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