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What you need to know before upgrading to the iPhone 14 if you fly drones

iphone 14 dji mimo app

Apple just released its newest iPhones, the 14 and 14 Pro and, boy oh boy, is it tempting to throw in the $1,099 for the latest and greatest from the company. But will it be the best phone to use for flying drones?

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Why DJI creating the Mavic 3 Classic doesn’t make sense with the Air 3 possibly on the horizon

Rumors are out and about that DJI could release a Mavic 3 Classic to reach a lower price point. However, stripping down an already great drone just to get it into more hands limits what could be possible if DJI just made the Air lineup more competitive with the Mini 3 Pro.

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The Buzz Podcast 32: First impressions on the new DJI Avata

Join Yifei and Seth for this week’s weekly round-up of news from the drone industry. Each week they discuss the top stories and pick a drone video of the week.

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Purchasing a new Avata will grant you a Golden Ticket to DJI Day 2022

Now that the DJI Avata is out and ready to purchase, there’s a surprise when you checkout – a Golden Ticket! So what is this Golden Ticket, and what is DJI Day 2022?

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How to watch DJI’s ‘Born to Fly’ event

Tomorrow DJI is set to release a new drone to the public at its “Born to Fly” event. We expect the live stream to announce the DJI Avata cinewhoop drone, which is not very well hidden in the promotional images.

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DJI teases ‘Born to Fly’ product launch event on August 25

A new DJI product launch event is coming up quickly, in one week, to be exact. This one is called “Born to Fly” and will take place on August 25 at 9:00 a.m. EDT.

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