DJI rolls out new updates for Fly app, FPV firmware

dji virtual flight fpv firmware fly app update

DJI has released a new firmware package for its ready-to-fly FPV drone. In addition, a new version of the DJI Fly app is also available to download.

Aircraft firmware v01.03.0000 is now available for the $999 DJI FPV drone, along with goggles firmware v01.03.0000, remote controller firmware v02.00.0200, and motion controller firmware v02.00.0400.

The recommended DJI Fly app version for this update is v1.7.4, and the same is now available to download from the Apple Play Store for iOS devices and from the official DJI Download Center for Android devices.

While the Fly app’s latest version fixes certain issues and optimizes the overall app quality, that’s not the chief reason for these updates being released. Both the new DJI FPV firmware package and DJI Fly app update focus on complying with Remote ID requirement for drones — but in Japan.

According to Japanese Remote ID laws, any drone weighing more than 100 grams added to the country’s drone registration system, DIPS-REG, after June 20, 2022, is required to support Remote ID. If a Remote ID module is not present in such drones, their flight will be restricted.

In the US also, the drone Remote ID mandate comes into effect for drone manufacturers next week, while operators have until September 2023 to comply.

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DJI expects many of its most commonly used drones to be able to comply with the FAA’s Remote ID laws through a simple and free software update, like the one being rolled out today for Japan.

DJI will likely release these updates across its product lines in phases, taking into account their popularity and where they are in their lifecycle as the FAA deadline approaches in 2023.

Since the FAA will allow drone pilots to satisfy Remote ID requirements with a separate add-on module, it’s anticipated that every DJI drone – even the oldest ones, long out of production – will have a pathway to compliance for anyone still operating them.

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