Skydio is finally ready to unveil its autonomous drone dock

skydio drone dock autonomous station

Skydio has locked December 7, 2022, as “Dock Day,” where the US drone manufacturer will unveil a self-contained, weatherproof charging base station for Skydio 2 aircraft.

First teased in October 2019, the Skydio Dock is a compact, lightweight, and accessible docking station solution that can fit inside a carry-on suitcase and can be set up in minutes. It uses the company’s proven Skydio Autonomy Engine to intelligently accomplish complex tasks.

According to Skydio, the concept of a “drone in a box” has long offered the promise of fully-automated data collection for myriad enterprise applications, including repeated mapping of construction sites, security patrols of sensitive areas, and keeping drones on call as first responders for emergency situations.

However, nothing has come close to delivering on those promises. Existing solutions are massively complex, expensive, and impractical. And beyond all of this, if you want persistent operations that don’t require a pilot in the loop, you need a drone that’s smart enough to fly itself.

Skydio’s drones are undeniably smart. They have also recently received an FAA waiver for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations. Naturally, the time is right to debut the Skydio Dock drone solution to the public.

Here’s what to expect during the Skydio Dock Day event:

  • An update from company CEO Adam Bry on Skydio’s vision and progress in reaching it
  • A close look at the Skydio Dock and Skydio Remote Ops platform
  • Feedback from early customers and a peek into the real-world performance of Dock operations at current sites
  • A lowdown from regulatory leaders on how Skydio is making flying drones from a docking station possible today
  • A live Q&A session with Bry and other leaders at Skydio

You can register for Dock Day here.

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