Illinois utility expands drone inspection program with Skydio Dock

skydio dock comed drone inspection

Electric utility ComEd says it is expanding its drone program to allow pilots to operate inspection drones remotely, without being present on site. The utility has secured all the necessary waivers required from the FAA to conduct operations in which the drone flies beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) of the operator. And it is currently training pilots to automate drone flights using the Skydio Dock docking and recharging station.

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Skydio unveils new drone-in-a-box product line: Dock, Dock Lite

US drone maker Skydio has announced the launch of three new drone-in-a-box products: Skydio Dock, Skydio Dock Lite, and Remote Ops software.

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Skydio is finally ready to unveil its autonomous drone dock

Skydio has locked December 7, 2022, as “Dock Day,” where the US drone manufacturer will unveil a self-contained, weatherproof charging base station for Skydio 2 aircraft.

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