New DJI P4 RTK drone firmware arrives with updated map services

DJI Phantom 4 P4 RTK drone firmware update

New firmware builds with updated map services have begun to roll out for some DJI products, beginning with the company’s most compact and accurate low-altitude mapping solution, the Phantom 4 RTK drone.

Last week, the tech giant issued an advisory to drone operators, urging them to update their flight apps and remote controllers for an imminent map services overhaul. And right on cue, the new firmware package for the P4 surveying drone has arrived with updated map services for the DJI GS RTK flight app.

In addition, DJI has added the “Smart Return to Home” option in Aircraft Battery settings in DJI GS RTK. When GNSS is available, Smart RTH can be initiated from the RTH button on the remote controller to get the drone to automatically return to the last recorded Home Point. As the aircraft returns, it will use the primary camera to identify obstacles as far as 300m in front, allowing it to plan a safe route home.

The latest P4 RTK aircraft firmware released by DJI is called v02.02.0611. The remote controller has been updated to v02.02.0612, while the SDK remote controller can be brought up to v02.02.0611. It’s important to update them all, or else they will not work together. Your DJI GS RTK app, meanwhile, should be updated to v2.2.5-GSP.

You can update the P4 RTK firmware using DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom. The DJI GS RTK app can also be used to update the firmware of both the aircraft and the remote controller.

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