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Aron Harris

June 13

There are approximately one jillion apps made for Android and Apple phones for use with a variety of drones. So many that it’s hard to find, or even know what you want or how to use it. Below is a non-comprehensive list of phone apps for your drone.

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May 29

In 2019, I discovered a photographer on Instagram who combined Milky Way photos with abandoned houses. The combination was stunning and so began my interest in the work of Toronto-based photographer, Gary Cummins. Scrolling through his feed, I fell in love with his street and drone photography as well. Reading about his process, I was surprised to learn the special way he used his drone to create his images. However, he wasn’t using his drone’s camera.

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May 22

As a photographer, adding a DJI Mavic Mini to my gear locker felt like a final puzzle piece. I know I’m not alone in this feeling as many of my fellow photographer friends became pilots, as well, in the last year. But this doesn’t mean that we use our flying cameras just for drone photography and videography.

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May 8

The DJI Mavic Mini is one of the most popular drones on the market. Price, sub-250g weight, and relative ease-of-use are the obvious reasons for this popularity. And, there are accessories out there that will figuratively elevate this little marvel to higher heights.

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May 1

As an experienced photographer, I decided to add new angles to my work. And the Mavic Mini proved to be just the tool for my first drone purchase.

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