Ball-catching drone is designed to blow your mind

This is a somewhat older video, that you may or may not have seen. We’re covering it here today, as the design of this ball-catching drone is mind-blowing. Normal drones or quadcopters, the ones that are typically flown by professionals and amateurs, have their four rotors positioned in a single plane. For the drone to move or fly in a certain direction it has to first tilt. The ball-catching drone or omnicopter works differently. It was designed by researchers Dario Brescianini and Raffaello D’Andrea from the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC), ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. The unmanned aerial vehicle has eight rotors, positioned in four different planes and all the rotors can spin forward and backward, enabling the drone to fly in all three directions, at any velocity, and at any altitude with ease and precision.

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