Ukraine claims one of Russia’s Iran-built suicide drones shot down

Ukraine Russia Iran drone

In another development that – if confirmed – could create more concern for Moscow, Ukraine has said it shot down one of the purportedly formidable suicide drones Russia reportedly bought from Iran to reinforce its dwindling consumer and military-grade UAVs.

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Drone video immortalizes Belfast’s nuts garbage can race

In recent years, aerial tech both large and small has been developed and deployed for a rapidly expanding number of uses – from business applications to research, photography to firefighting, leisure flight to warfare. This weekend, a pilot in Northern Ireland city of Belfast took his drone to the sky to capture video of one neighborhood’s annual celebration for posterity – notably, this year’s truly insane “wheelie bin” garbage can race.

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EU renews drone use to detect violations of ship emissions

The European Union’s main agency for maritime activity is once again deploying drones in partnership with member nations in a common effort to detect and pursue large shipping companies violating tightened limits on sulfur emissions, which are major contributors to global warming.

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Drone whips around Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory in new fast-paced video

In Tesla’s latest video, a drone tours the company’s latest Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. High-speed drone videos are nothing new, but the video the skilled pilot captured (in tandem with equally adept video editing) is impressive and gives us a look at the robots and tools the company uses to produce its electric vehicles.

Ukraine’s mid-size Punisher drone is living up to its name against Russian forces

Among the large number of heroes in the Ukraine’s determination to repel invading Russian armed forces is a mid-size, locally made drone known as the Punisher – something of a weaponized step-up vehicle from consumer craft to the formidable Turkish-built Bayraktar TB2 UAVs also being flown in the country’s defense. As Team Putin might woefully attest, the pint-size Punisher has been living up to its name.

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New Insta360 video documents Hunter Kowald’s creation of the Green Goblin-esque SkySurfer hoverboard

Movie fans have been wowed by images of the Green Goblin cruising the skies on a drone-esque hoverboard. But engineer, inventor, and fearless flight enthusiast Hunter Kowald has made that Marvel-ous ability a reality with his SkySurfer craft, thanks to a never-say-can’t determination to reach his goal that Insta360 features in a new video.

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