Drone Stories December 17, 2018

There aren’t a lot of good GPS drones with HD cameras and intelligent flight modes for less than $200. The JJPRO X5 Epik an exception and currently is on sale for less than $130. It is one of the best beginner drones you can buy and is an excellent option for anyone looking to get into aerial photography.  expand full story

Drone Stories November 29, 2018

Buy one Force1 drone and get a free Scoot drone ($39 value) this week only!

Force1 RC has some pretty solid drones. It is a reputable US-based company that is known for good products and excellent customer service. They have a variety of good beginner drones from the very simple Scoot to the larger F100GP.

Drone Stories November 25, 2018

Over the last two years, selfie drones have grown in popularity. Is there a better way to up your selfie game than to use a drone? Their small size and ease of use make them ideal drones to take with you.  We will take a look at a couple of different options, the AirSelfie 2 ($160) and the JJRC H59 Ferry ($72).  Can these little drones boost your Instagram feed or Snapchat story? Let’s find out. expand full story

Drone Stories November 23, 2018

The San Fransisco based company Aerones is developing a drone to clean the windows of high rise buildings. They claim their drone can clean windows 20 times faster than humans all while being much safer. They believe the technology they have developed can also be used to help fight fires, as well as clean, de-ice and paint wind turbines.  expand full story

Drone Stories October 14, 2018

The E010 is a small ducted drone that you can pick up on Amazon for less than $25. While it may be an inexpensive drone, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of fun to fly. You won’t find a camera or any advanced features on this little guy, but it is still big on fun. This little quadcopter is excellent for flying indoors when the weather is bad or for learning how to fly. Read on to learn the hidden capabilities of the E010 and what similar drones may be an even better suited for you.

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Drone Stories July 17, 2018

World champion drone racing pilot, Luke Bannister set the new speed record for drones during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He clocked a crazy fast 149.5 miles per hour… with a drone! I thought my Mavic Pro went fast in sport mode…

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