Drone Stories September 24, 2020

“Always Home Cam” isn’t Amazon’s delivery drone but will deliver piece of mind… in 2021

Today at its new product event, Amazon debuted a new $249 drone that’s job is to patrol your home when you aren’t there. Will people invite Bezos Inc drones into their homes?

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Drone Stories August 21, 2020

A company that builds a “drone-in-a-cage” for confined, difficult, and GPS-denied environments has announced a distribution partnership. Drone builder Skypersonic Inc. and Minnesota’s Maverick Drone Systems are now working together. As a result, Maverick is now in a position to offer the services of the Skycopter inspection drone to its clients.

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Drone Stories June 22, 2020

The Mavic 2 has been around almost two years now. During that time, it has become one of the top selling and most reliable drones on the market. At a price point of $1200, how does this thing stack up against heavy wind?

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Drone Stories April 9, 2020

Beverly Hills Aerials is an aerial cinematography company that has produced some of the most innovative work in the drone industry. And now they are selling some of their equipment to the public through a new company, BHA Customs. This includes a fantastic custom-built micro first-person-view (FPV) drone.

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Drone Stories April 6, 2020

I have been shooting aerial photography for years now, but have never really shared much of my process when it comes to creating images. Here’s a look at what goes into my planning of an aerial portrait shoot.

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Drone Stories April 1, 2020

FPV drones seem to move and fly in very different ways than DJI drones, making them different tools for drone applications. The FPV starter kit is a guide to help you get started with FPV drones before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in them.

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