Drone Stories February 12

An Israeli attack helicopter takes out an Iranian drone as soon as it entered the airspace of Israel. The drone was based on an American stealth drone that was intercepted six years ago by Iran.

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Drone Stories January 26

Researchers from the University of Zurich have found a way to let drones fly autonomously through the city without the unmanned aerial devices crashing into things.

Instead of outfitting the drones with ‘heavy’ sensors and radar or with power hungry GPU’s, the researchers preloaded the drones with data that was collected from cars and bicycles to help the drone understand the urban environment and to teach it how to fly autonomously through the city without crashing into other road users or buildings.

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Drone Stories January 12

This morning, we received DJI’s invitation to its “Adventure Unfolds” event in New York City that will take place on January 23rd.

The invitation seems to provide two clues as to what the Chinese drone manufacturer may be introducing later this month. We think it will be a new version of the Mavic Pro drone that is smaller, lighter and faster. We also believe it will be called the DJI Mavic Air. Read on and see how this adventure may unfold.

Update on 1/16: DJI just released their teaser video for the event.

Update 2 on 1/16 : it seems we have the name DJI Mavic Air confirmed!

Update 3 on 1/17: dual cameras with a zoom feature for the Mavic Air?

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Drone Stories January 11

AEE Aviation Technology Inc. and SELFLY Camera LLC have partnered to launch the Selfly, a smartphone case, and drone in one. While the drone-case will not fly with the smartphone still attached, the idea is that you carry your phone, and thus your drone, with you at all times, allowing you to take selfies from new heights and angles. The Selfly was announced at CES 2018.

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Drone Stories January 10

Intel has been showing off its skills in flying swarms of drone yet again. We all have seen their drone show at the Bellagio. Now Intel has taken one hundred tiny drones, that flew as a group, in a coordinated fashion over the crowds, without GPS, inside. If that sounds impressive, well, that is because it is.

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Last year at CES, UVify introduced the Draco racing drone. This year they are introducing the Oori, a 60MPH micro racing drone. The Oori is much smaller and lighter than the Dacro quadcopter. In fact, it is so small it easily fits in the palm of your hand. The small form factor promises very fast and agile flying ability. The Oori is aimed both at beginning drone pilots as well as speed addicts. According to UVify the Oori is very easy to fly and can be flown safely indoors with the use of the lock-on, pop-off propeller protectors.

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