DJI Highlights Innovative Drone Uses At AUVSI XPONENTIAL

Press Release: DJI Highlights Innovative Drone Uses At AUVSI XPONENTIAL

Next week is the AUVSI XPONENTIAL in Denver, Colorado. During the event, DJI will show off its new Zenmuse XT2 dual-sensor thermal camera, speak about how drones benefit our society, demonstrate the AeroScope Remote ID system and honor five winners of the inaugural AUVSI XCELLENCE Humanitarian Award. DJI will have various drones on display, such as the Mavic Air, the M210 RTK for precise heavy-duty jobs and the Agras MG-1S agricultural spraying drone. Visitors can try these drones in a flight simulator or get some real hands-on experience with the Mavic Air at the outdoor flying space on top of the convention center.

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Handbag carrying drones steal the show at Dolce & Gabbana

Drones are becoming more fashionable it seems. First, they make their appearance during the 2018 Winter Olympics and now they even show up at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan. Before the drones could take the stage, repeated announcements were made for the crowd to turn off all Wi-Fi connections and personal hotspots. Not an easy feat for a room full of reporters and social media influencers.

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