DJI Spark 2 – our wishlist with desired specifications

DroneDJ - The DJI Spark 2 wishlist

Two days ago we published our wishlist for the DJI Mavic Pro. Today we will cover the DJI Spark 2. What would we like to see in the next generation of our favorite drone (see our review here) and 9to5Toys product of the year 2017? Will a new version of the DJI Spark be launched anytime soon? We don’t know. However, here is our wishlist with the specifications we would like to see added or changed to our favorite mini-drone.


Our wishlist for the DJI Spark 2.

Hardware improvements:

  • Smaller – Yes, the DJI Spark is already very small but maybe it could be smaller still? Foldable legs maybe? With the Spark, DJI gave us a taste of what it is like to have a drone you can take anywhere. Now, we want more… or should I say less?
  • Lighter – The Spark weighs 0.66 Lbs. The FAA registration limit is 0.55 Lbs. Could the Spark be just a little lighter to avoid the FAA registration requirements for hobbyist drone pilots? Lighter also means a more agile drone and increased portability.
  • Faster – Together with the DJI Goggles, the Spark would be a blast to fly in sports mode if the top speed would be increased somewhat.
  • Longer – Currently the fun of flying this mini-drone gets cut short after 16 minutes. Yes, you can (and should) buy additional batteries or a Portable Charging Station. But, increased flight time per battery would be amazing.
  • Power – A more powerful drone is more fun. Simple as that.
  • Quieter – The Spark is much less intrusive than its bigger brothers but maybe the propellers can be redesigned like DJI did with the Mavic Pro Platinum? A quieter drone is a better drone.
  • Detect and avoid – 360-degree obstacle avoidance that would prevent the drone from flying into an obstacle when going sideways, backward or upwards.
  • USB-C – The ability to charge the drone directly by means of a USB-C cable would make for a more portable and user-friendly drone.
  • Gimbal – Some people have asked for a better gimbal. After flying and reviewing the Spark, I am not sure that is needed. The stabilization works fine as is and a better 3-axis gimbal would make the Spark larger and heavier. Keep it as is.

Software improvements:

  • Improved ActiveTrack – ActiveTrack should be more responsive and also be able to follow the subject when going downhill.
  • Faster startup – Faster startup times so that you can start flying your drone sooner.
  • Connectivity – When the Spark was first launched it was plagued with connectivity issues. Let’s avoid that the next time around. Thank you.

Photo and video quality:

  • 4K video – This would the killer addition for the Spark. Currently, it is being held back at 1080p. DJI, please add 4K.
  • Other improvements like a larger sensor, increased resolution, higher frame rate (4K @ 60fps) and better video quality (100 Mbps and HEVC (H.265)) would be nice.


  • Better customer service
  • Improved DJI Go 4 app with new features and better response rate
  • Please keep pricing the same at $499
  • Availability: CES 2018 would be nice!

What would you like to see in the new DJI Spark 2? Let us know in the comments below.


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