Yuneec introduces the Typhoon H Plus with Intel RealSense™ and other new and upgraded features

Yuneec introduces the Typhoon H Plus with Intel RealSense™ and other new and upgraded features

Aimed at aerial photographers, creative professionals, and small drone service providers, Yuneec introduces an upgraded version with some new features of their Typhoon H Plus drone withIntel® RealSense™. The new version should have much better low light capabilities due to a larger one-inch 20MP sensor with a wider aperture and an extended ISO range that captures 4K video footage at 60fps. It comes with a redesigned six-rotor hex airframe that is 40% quieter than previous models. And, it will now include the Intel® RealSense™ Technology for superior collision avoidance. The Typhoon H Plus with Intel® RealSense™ Technology will be available at Best Buy stores around the country as of July 1st for $1,899.99.

Yuneec’s new Typhoon H Plus comes with a 1-inch sensor

Today, Yuneec International announced Typhoon H Plus a six-rotor drone with new and upgraded features, such as Intel® RealSense™ Technology that will help avoid any obstacles when flying the drone. And in the case that this technology has been turned off, the Typhoon H Plus drone still has ultrasonic proximity detection to assist in avoiding large obstacles.

For aerial photographers and videographers, one of the most important New features will undoubtedly be the 20-megapixels one-inch sensor that is able to provide 4K video resolution at 20 frames per second. Thanks to the retractable landing gear the 360-degree gimbal can capture images in nearly any direction. The camera on the Typhoon H Plus now has a wider aperture and extended ISO range, that will provide much improved low light capabilities. Combined with smart image capturing modes such as Point of Interest, Orbit Me, Curve Cable Cam, Journey Mode, and Team Mode for film and photography teams, capturing amazing visual imagery should be within reach of creatives at any skill level.

The Typhoon H Plus now has an all-new, redesigned and larger six-roto hex frame that provides a stable flight in up to 30 mph winds and at 40% noise reduction compared to previous models. One of the benefits of having six rotors is that in case one of them fails you can still safely fly and land your drone.

Yuneec’slatest drone comes with a redesigned Android-based ST16S controller which includes a bright seven-inch display.

Yuneec’s Typhoon H Plus drone will be available in Best Buy stores around the country as of July 1st and will retail for $1,899.99.


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