Watch this racing drone take on a Honda Red Bull Formula One racecar driven by Marc Márquez! [video]

Watch this racing drone take on a Honda Red Bull Formula One car driven by Marc Márquez! [video]

Well, if the drift video in this morning’s DroneRise post wasn’t enough to get you going then I’m sure the sound of a Formula One car will do it! In this short video from Team BlackSheep, we are watching CherryFPV take on Marc Márquez in the Honda Formula One racecar from team Red Bull. Not surprisingly, the little race drone does not stand a chance against the brutal acceleration of the Formula One racecar. However, what is becoming more obvious is the amazing perspective you can get when filming actions scenes with a race drone. I will add some other videos as well to show what I mean.

Racing drones get you close to the action

It seems that Team BlackSheep, a company that only sells ‘serious toys’, is quite successful with using racing drone videos to promote their brand. In their latest video that was posted on YouTube today, they show racing drone pilot CherryFPV take on Marc Márquez, who has made his name in MotoGP, in the Honda Formula One racecar from team Red Bull. In the video, you can see that the drone can accelerate quickly but the unmanned aircraft soon runs out of steam. The Formula One car meanwhile simply keep accelerating relentlessly.

Apart from this being a very cool video in general, what stands out is the ability of a racing drone to provide a unique and quickly changing perspective of fast-moving subjects, such as racecars. It creates the feeling as if you are right there where the action is taking place. We have seen it in other videos as well and I will post some below, but I think there is a good chance that we will see more use of racing drones in videos, commercials and maybe even on the big screen.

Other cool videos in which racing drones were used to get the action-packed camera angles.


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