DJI Mavic 2 announcement event: Specs, details, more

We’re at the DJI Mavic 2 launch event and are updating as we learn more. Update Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom page is now live.  Livestream below.

Opens with the rescue of climber on K2 we covered a few weeks ago. Drones have rescued 140+ people by DJI’s account. Amazing footage of K2.

No surprises yet. The Mavic 2 Pro (Hasselblad) and 2 Zoom are announced.

Hyperlapse: Free,Circle, CourseLock, Waypoint modes. Amazing for consumer level.

QuickShot Mode: Dolly Zoom

Uses same design as Mavic Pro. Quieter, more powerful motors that are more efficient. 31 Minute flight time.

44 miles per hour top speed

Highest quality and most reliable Liveview of any DJI Drone. Uses separate channels for up and down.

8GB of on board storage.

10 sensors better sense environment. APAS Advanced Pilot assist.

Bottom light to illuminate landing area.

Mavic 2 is live on DJI’s site.

$1249 for Mavic 2 Zoom 

$1449 for Mavic 2 Pro


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