Labour day special: 10% discount on the SwellPro SplashDrone 3 Auto and Fishing Edition

Labour day special: 10% the SwellPro SplashDrone 3 Auto and Fishing Edition

This Labour Day Weekend only, SwellBots offers a 10% discount on the SwellPro SplashDrone 3 Auto and Fishing Edition by using the discount code SCHOOLTIME on the WellBots website. Both drones are 100% waterproof. The Auto version offers an UltraHD 4K camera whereas the Fishing Edition helps you spot fish and can drop bait with its new PL3 payload release system. Both drones are also great candidates for search and rescue missions in adverse weather conditions.

The SplashDrone is waterproof

SplashDrone 3 Auto – All-Weather, All-Purpose Waterproof Drone

The SplashDrone 3 AUTO is the most advanced SplashDrone waterproof drone ever released. It combines years of experience and customer feedback with an all-new flight computer, sensors and propulsion system to produce a reliable, stable and versatile waterproof drone with UltraHD 4K camera on board. Swap the waterproof gimballed camera for optional modules including Search & Rescue, bait and payload release as well as thermal imaging. Fly smoothly and then land your SplashDrone with confidence on water, in rain and snow or just back to earth.

Normally $1,699, with the discount code SCHOOLTIME the price drops to $1,529

The Most Serious Fishing Drone – SplashDrone 3 Fishing Edition

In 2015, SplashDrone dropped the world’s first bait on the west coast of New Zealand. Since then, drone fishing has gone crazy all over the planet. Easier to use than ever before, SplashDrone 3 Fishing Edition is waterproof, salt-resistant and has more power and stability to handle all-weather flying and all environments. Extended casting range and high payload capacity increase your catch rate. You can even record high-quality video of your bait drop with the new PL3 payload release. Surf fishing with SplashDrone 3 is easy, fast, worry-free and most of all fun! This drone can be outfitted with the Fish Finder camera.

Normally $1,399, with the discount code SCHOOLTIME the price drops to $1,259

We have not yet had a chance to fly these drones but should get our hands on them soon. We will put them to the test and report back to you an how well they perform.


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