What makes the Force1 Scoot the best selling drone on Amazon?

force1 scoot drone

Right now the best selling drone on Amazon costs $50 and fits in the palm of your hand. It flies autonomously and doesn’t use a remote. It is a tiny drone called the Force1 Scoot. After seeing it first hand I thought for sure it wouldn’t be any good. I was wrong.

I love flying drones. I’ve flown literally hundreds of them. I love my Mavic and I love my FPV racers. The Scoot has very little in common with any of my favorite drones. So how could this thing be any good? The answer is in its simplicity and my children…

The Force1 Scoot drone is a unique remote-free drone. Yes, that’s right, there isn’t a remote. So how do you control this mini-drone? You use the force. Ok, not the force per se…the Force1 Scoot uses sensors on the sides and bottom of the drone to help it fly.

You toss it in the air to get started and it will hover and spin until it senses an object. Then it will fly in the opposite direction of that object. When it senses another object it will reverse direction again. It is pretty simple and actually works quite well.

The Force1 Scoot is a great drone for kids

This isn’t like any other drones that I fly. It isn’t something you could compare to a DJI Phantom. That isn’t what this drone was created for. This drone was built for kids. It is a toy and an exceptional one for any drone-loving child. Again I was skeptical that it would work well, or that my wife would cringe if I let my children fly in the house. However, this drone was designed very well.  The bumper guard keeps my children’s precious fingers safe and it isn’t a major danger to most things around the house.

This drone is more than just a gimmick. My children really do love flying it. They love chasing it with their friends. They love tossing it in the air. They love the Scoot and I love that I have found a drone that they enjoy and can play with without me worrying it will fly away or break something. I’m tempted to put this on the list of my favorite drones.

The Force1 Scoot isn’t for everyone

This isn’t a drone for a hardcore enthusiast, but it is a good drone for a child. I will admit I enjoyed tossing it around, but it isn’t something I’m going to spend a lot of time flying. However, I suspect my kids will fly this thing until it won’t fly anymore. My children think this little drone is hilarious as they toss it and “chase” it around the room with their hand gestures. I have three children and they all want their own. This drone makes a good gift and it is an ideal stocking stuffer. Force1 is giving away 10,000 Scoot drones if you purchase one of their top camera drones. Learn more about that here.

We have also seen a nearly identical drone to the Force1 Scoot sold as the JJRC HXB-003R.  If you are looking to save a little money, give the JJRC version a try.

Buy the Force1 Scoot from Amazon Buy the JJRC HXB-003R from Banggood

Other options

Force1 makes a lot of quality drones. If you are looking for another kid-friendly drone that has a remote control, then take a look at the UFO 4000. It is an excellent beginner drone and also a solid option for children. It is super durable and stable. These are probably the two most important qualities when drone shopping for children. Learn more about the Force1 UFO 4000 here.

Do you want a camera drone?

If you want a good beginner drone that you can control with a remote, we’d recommend taking a look at the Ryze Tello. It is the most advanced drone you can buy for less than $100. Learn more about the Tello here.

Order a Tello from Amazon

Order a Tello from DJI


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