We put the Osmo Pocket on a drone. See it in action!

osmo pocket on a drone

We couldn’t resist putting the Osmo Pocket on a drone. We know that the Osmo Pocket is an excellent handheld camera. It is small and compact. That got us thinking. How would it perform in the air? What if we put it on a drone? So we did.

We chose the JJPRO Epik ($129) as the drone for our Osmo Pocket ($349). We’ve seen people put the Osmo on a Mavic 2, but really, what’s the point? The Mavic has an awesome camera already and its attached to a three-axis gimbal built for aerial photography. Why not choose a drone that can handle the Osmo, but doesn’t have a top-notch camera? Maybe then it would be worth doing…

The JJPRO Epik is a good choice to carry the Osmo pocket for a few reasons. The first is its GPS stability. It is a very stable drone and I am confident in how it flies. Second, it has powerful and efficient brushless motors. It will be able to handle the extra weight of the Osmo.

Putting the Osmo Pocket on a Drone

Third, it is inexpensive. Typically it can be found for less than $150, right now it is $129. Spending any more on a drone, plus the Osmo quickly puts you in the price range of the Mavic Air. If you can’t do this for less than $600 then just buy the Mavic instead. If you want to know more about the JJPRO Epik then click here, it is a solid drone and one of our favorite inexpensive drones.

In order to reduce jello (shaky video), the Osmo needs to be secured to an isolation mount. The propellers will inevitably cause vibrations and the rubber dampers will help to cancel them out. The JJPRO Epik already has a nice isolation mount for its camera so I did a quick swap. Some 3M double sided sticky tape and a couple of zip ties kept the Osmo Pocket securely in place.

Take a look at the video below. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you want to put your Osmo Pocket on a drone and send it up in the air, but it certainly can be done. Two things I would do differently would be to make sure the propellers are balanced (or get new ones for less vibration) and get a better isolation mount.

The entire video above was filmed using the Osmo Pocket. You can see that it is a very nice camera, but it certainly isn’t perfect. My biggest gripe is that the autofocus seemed to have issues from time to time. I suspect DJI will address this with a firmware update in the near future.

For the price and portability, it is hard to find a camera that can compete with the Osmo Pocket. Whether you choose to put it on a drone and send it into the air is up to you.


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