DroneInch announces the industry’s first low-cost pay-by-mission Drone Flight Automation solution

DroneInch announces the industry’s first low-cost pay-by- mission Drone Flight Automation solution on economical off-the-shelf drones for inspections, surveys, and deliveries.

First low-cost pay-by-mission

DroneInch, a stealth startup launched DIFlyDrone, which enables small and medium enterprises to employ drones for inspections, surveys and deliveries delivering disruptive cost advantages, exponential efficiency and dramatic reduction of risk. Its new DIFlyDrone Mobile App combined with the DICloud collaboration portal provides a low startup cost and economical pay-by-mission model unlike anyone else in this industry.

The value of drone solutions is predicted to be a $127Billion market opportunity globally. Drones in Agriculture alone is a $32Billion annually recurring opportunity. In Industries like Agriculture, mining, and construction, the primary purpose is to replace people in complex, dangerous, resource-intensive jobs.

While drones bring many benefits, flying drones is a manual process that is complex (too many settings, regulations -TFR, AC, NOTAM), expensive (high unit price, operation cost, skill scarcity – SUaS certified pilots), and inaccurate (manual inconsistent results, accident-prone). Current solutions, originally developed for the photography and gaming industry, are neither enterprise-class nor do they meet the specific needs of other industries and are prohibitively expensive.

DroneInch provides a solution designed for scale that’s effortless (auto settings, weather, TFR checks), economical (pay as you go, off the shelf drones, democratizing drone flight) and error-free (digital black box, software NOT human flies the drone). The DroneInch Solution enables a remote expert schedule tailored missions from anywhere in the world, a current employee to kick off the mission with minimal drone flying skills. The software then orchestrates autonomous flights of multiple drones without the need for any direct human intervention or presence by calculating the flightpath through a self-learning intelligent algorithm while ensuring adherence to all safety and regulatory requirements. The high-quality data gathered can be viewed on the web through DICloud and analyzed to yield business outcomes such as ‘The strawberries are ready for harvest, there is a millet infestation in the north farm, an irrigation pipeline broken etc.’. DroneInch RADP comprises:

  • DIFlyDrone … – A mission scheduling mobile app that is used by a remote expert to schedule mission objectives (‘6 am survey of the strawberry farm every Tue, Thu & Sun during seeding season to look for diseased patches’). The app used by an operator at the site, autonomously flies the mission by connecting to the drone controller.
  • DI Cloud – Centralized cloud data & collaboration platform to visualize data (photos, videos, sensor readings) and collaborate on insights from the data.
  • Industry packs – DIFarm, DIConstruction, DIMine – Industry-specific packs that uses Artificial Intelligence to translate raw data into meaningful insights for verticalized needs such as cattle counting, roof damage assessment, stockpile inventory & volume calculation, search & rescue using heat maps, etc.

“With Drones, we check everything quickly and save a lot of time and money on employee salaries. We survey the farm every day and identify quickly if things go wrong such as a fallen tree or stray cattle or broken fence preventing huge losses”, says Ramon Ramirez, Owner, Ramirez Farms. See the full video here.

“The complex, proprietary and prohibitively expensive solutions that exist in the market today are ensuring that the disruptive benefits of this technology are within the reach of large companies. “Our mission is to democratize the access to drones and getting this technology ripe for mass adoption making it affordable to all small and medium enterprises,” said Srivatsan Desikan, Founder and CEO of DroneInch.

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