Drone test flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) to begin in India

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Drone test flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) have been taking place in the US for some time. Now India is about to join with its own BVLOS drone test flights in near the future. This means that India will be getting long-range drone flights to deliver goods and possibly emergency supplies to hard to reach communities.

Beyond visual line of sight drone test flights begin soon in India

The drone test flights will go on for two months to help create a proof of concept for what could eventually be a reality for India. If the tests are successful a new policy will be drafted for beyond visual line of sight drone flights.

The companies involved in the test flights, according to industry insiders include Throttle Aerospace Systems and Dunzo Air.

If successful, the flights will allow low altitude flights to deliver life-saving medicines, food deliveries as well as allowing other commercial uses, including photography, surveying, and agriculture.

An official from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation states the flights will not go beyond 400 ft high and are likely to begin flights at the end of January. The test flights include experts from various sectors, service providers, and other companies planning to use drones for deliveries.

“The upper limit of the identified airspace is 400 ft AGL. These experiments are likely to start from end of January. Our BVLOS Experiment Assessment & Monitoring committee has approved the proposals of the two consortia. These consortia include sector-specific experts, service providers and some non-aviation companies that intend to use UAS for delivery purposes. Each party in the consortium has a defined role. The necessary clearances for these two consortium are under progress.” – DGAC Official

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Photo: Throttle Aerospace Systems

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