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Josh started in the drone community in 2012 with a drone news Twitter account. Over the years Josh has gained mass exposure from his aerial photography work and spends his days writing drone content for DroneDJ as well as pursuing his business. You can view Josh’s photography work here.

Josh can be contacted by email at josh@dronedj.com or @JoshSpires_.

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10 drone moves every pilot should know: orbit, top-down, more

10 drone moves pilot

While going through YouTube, we came across this great video from Jeven Dovey covering 10 drone moves that every pilot should know about. The video looks at orbit, top-down, raise or dropdown, dolly sideways, dolly pan, push in or push out, take off, move with a gimbal move, three movements in one shot, and ActiveTrack orbit.

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AT&T shows off its 5G innovation studio, featuring drones

Mobile network giant AT&T has announced the opening of its brand-new 5G innovation studio, a place for projects, including drones, to be researched, developed, and introduced to the public. A recent project AT&T has shared with us is on drones being used as a test environment for the Microsoft Azure Edge Zone.

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Creating a drone battery that doesn’t spark for safer operations

An electrical engineering professor and his team from the University of Texas are working to develop a safer drone battery for mining operations. The team is designing a new battery that doesn’t spark, which can be dangerous when it comes to underground mines with dangerous gases.

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Watch a Mavic 2 Pro fly into a windshield at 62.5 mph

Researchers at Virginia Tech’s impact lab flew a DJI Mavic 2 Pro into the windshield of a car at 62.5 mph to see what damage would be caused. The test was in partnership with Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership, the College of Engineering, and State Farm to evaluate drone collision risks with a moving car.

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uAvionix ping200X receives the first FAA TSO certification

Drone solution company uAvionix has just announced its ping200X drone transponder has received FAA TSO certification, making it the first to do so. The transponder allows drones to meet the requirements of global controlled airspace.

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Drone footage shows bus alight amid the Belfast riot

Drone pilot Hugh Pollock was able to capture a double-decker bus on fire earlier this week due to the Belfast riot using a drone. The bus being alighted resulted from a petrol bomb being thrown at it by one of the nearby protestors.

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